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2014-01-16A hardware-based algorithm for virtual machine provisioning in a private cloudJaikar Amol Hindurao노서영김경륜황대대916
2019-03-31A study on performance degradation when using Singularity container of HTCondor scheduler류건모윤희준배상욱노서영439
2018-10-01AmoebaNet: An SDN-enabled network service for big data scienceSYED ASIF RAZA SHAH노서영김진1033
2021CERN EOS 분산 파일 시스템에 관한 성능 분석 및 프로그래밍 인터페이스에 관한 연구노서영김문현김경준이준영463
2012-04-27Combination of CDF and D0 measurements of the W boson helicity in top quark decaysT.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현965
2012-09-10Combined Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson Decaying to a bb? Pair Using the Full CDF Data SetT.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현1022
2013-07-31Comparisons of three data storage models in parametric temporal databases노서영장행진908
2012-08-17Diffractive dijet production in p? p collisions at ??=1.96??TeVT.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현957
2012-08-14Evidence for a Particle Produced in Association with Weak Bosons and Decaying to a Bottom-Antibottom Quark Pair in Higgs Boson Searches at the TevatronT.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현847
2012-05-16Evidence for the charmless annihilation decay mode B0s rightarrow phi+phi-.T.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현956
2018-013 HTCondor 실습교재.pdf.jpg2018-07-27HTCondor 실습교재배상욱류건모공병윤안상언노서영945
2022IaC 기반 CERN EOS 분산 파일 시스템 자동 배포 및 모니터링 모델 연구노서영신재혁김정빈김성민156
2010-004 KISTI SAM Station 구축보고서.pdf.jpg2010-11-30KISTI SAM Station 구축보고서노서영윤희준유진승박형우장행진871
2011-12KISTI 미래발전 방향으로서의 과학데이터 기획 연구한선화김중권강지훈곽재혁김선태김은진남승윤노서영박형우성태웅신진섭안세정유정록유형선이상호이상환이재민이종택이중연이필우이혁재전홍우주원균최영리988
2012-03-07Measurement of $ZZ$ production in leptonic final states at root s of 1.96 TeV at CDF.T.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현1119
2012-05-14Measurement of B_s0 \to D_s{()+} D_s{()-} Branching Ratios.T.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현1027
2012-01-27Measurement of CP--violating asymmetries in D0\to\pi+\pi- and D0\to K+K- decays at CDF.T.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현926
2012-08-13Measurement of CP-violation asymmetries in D0→KS0π+π-T.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현954
2012-02-13Measurement of the branching fraction ${\mathcal{B}}(\Lambda0_b\rightarrow \Lambda+_c\pi-\pi+\pi-)$ at CDF.T.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현925
2012-04-23Measurement of the CP-Violating Phase \beta_sJ/\Psi\phi} in B0_s \to J/\Psi \phi Decays with the CDF II Detector.T.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현987
2012-09-11Measurement of the Difference in CP-Violating Asymmetries in D0→K+K- and D0→π+π- Decays at CDFT.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현938
2012-05-16Measurement of the masses and widths of the bottom baryons $\Sigma_b{+-}$ and $\Sigma_b{*+-}$.T.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현911
2012-08-01Measurement of the Top Quark Mass in the All-Hadronic Mode at CDF.T.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현860
2012-08-23Measurement of the WZ cross section and triple gauge couplings in pp? collisions at ??=1.96??TeVT.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현922
2012-04-11Measurements of Angular Distributions of Muons From $\Upsilon$ Meson Decays in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}=1.96$ TeV.T.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현989
2014-10-01Performance evaluations on inner vs. outer decomposition first parallel join algorithms for two nested loop joins노서영박형우여일연윤희준1011
2015-02-02Power efficient virtual machine migration in a scientific federated cloudJaikar Amol Hindurao노서영Dada Huang김경륜834
2012-04-12Precise measurement of the W-boson mass with the CDF II detector.T.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현920
2012-10-09Precision Top-Quark Mass Measurement at CDFT.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현871
2012-05-15Search for a dark matter candidate produced in association with a single top quark in p\bar{p} collisions at \sqrt{s} = 1.96 TeV.T.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현870
2012-05-23Search for a Heavy Particle Decaying to a Top Quark and a Light Quark in pp? Collisions at ??=1.96??TeVT.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현922
2012-10-22Search for a Higgs boson in the diphoton final state using the full CDF data set from proton-antiproton collisions at √s=1.96 TeV.T.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현927
2012-05-03Search for anomalous production of multiple leptons in association with W and Z bosons at CDFT.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현897
2012-05-23Search for Dark Matter in Events with One Jet and Missing Transverse Energy in pp? Collisions at ??=1.96??TeVT.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현822
2012-01-24Search for high-mass resonances decaying into ZZ in p\bar{p} collisions at \sqrt{s}=1.96\,TeV.T.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현921
2012-01-26Search for new phenomena in events with two $Z$ bosons and missing transverse momentum in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}=1.96$ TeV.T.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현893
2011-10-01Search for resonant production of t(t)over-bar pairs in 4.8 fb(-1) of integrated luminosity of p(p)over-bar collisions at root s=1.96 TeV김영진노서영배태길장행진조기현869
2012-04-02Search for Standard Model Higgs Boson Production in Association with a W Boson Using a Matrix Element Technique at CDF in p\bar{p} Collisions at \sqrt{s} = 1.96 TeV.T.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현887
2012-09-10Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson Decaying to a bb? Pair in Events with No Charged Leptons and Large Missing Transverse Energy using the Full CDF Data SetT.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현890
2012-09-10Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson Decaying to a bb? Pair in Events with Two Oppositely Charged Leptons Using the Full CDF Data SetT.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현959
2012-08-20Search for the standard model Higgs boson produced in association with a W boson with 7.5??fb-1 integrated luminosity at CDFT.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현870
2012-05-03Study of Substructure of High Transverse Momentum Jets Produced in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at $\sqrt{s}=1.96$ TeV.T.Aaltonen노서영조기현773
2012-09-26Transverse momentum cross section of e+e- pairs in the Z-boson region from pp? collisions at √s=1.96??TeVT.Aaltonen노서영배태길조기현878
2014-09-11vcluster: a framework for auto scalable virtual cluster system in heterogeneous clouds노서영장행진976
2017-02-09네트워크 관리정보 수집을 위한 방법 및 시스템김진노서영윤희준진두석여일연안상언796
2013-01대용량 데이터 센터 구축 및 운영장행진박형우윤희준노서영김남규여일연유성윤권석면이승희김경륜김진김지웅이명박상오안상언GIANNI, CBONNAUD895
2014-12대용량 데이터 센터 구축 및 운영장행진박형우강궁원염민선윤희준노서영김남규여일연유기성유성윤그외 다수802
2013-12대용량 데이터 센터 구축 및 운영장행진박형우강궁원염민선윤희준노서영김남규여일연유기성유성윤권석면이승희김경륜김진김지웅이명박상오안상언김정헌이주희HANSEN875
2010-12대용량 데이터 센터 구축 및 운영장행진박형우윤희준유진승노서영김법균유성윤이종후권석면이승희김경륜김진김지웅이형진825
2019대용량데이터센터 구축 및 운영윤희준박형우진두석여일연이형진유정록이승희김진조규진나상호안성언김정헌배상욱류건모한희준공병윤이보영황순욱이식홍태영이혁로노민기김진숙허태상조부승최윤근허영주정용환고동건윤준원정민중육진희고명주노서영494
2015-12대용량데이터센터 구축 및 운영노서영장행진김진강궁원김지웅그외 다수여일연안상언진두석윤희준박상오730
2018대용량데이터센터 구축 및 운영노서영박형우윤희준진두석여일연344
2013-09-04데이터 암호 또는 복호 장치 및 방법윤희준이종후노서영박형우장행진658
2018-07-26데이터 전송 방법 및 장치김진노서영윤희준진두석여일연918
4. 데이터 집약형 R&D 육성 전략.pdf.jpg2018-12데이터 집약형 R&D 육성 전략이형진박형우노서영1101
2018데이터 집약형 R&D 육성 전략이형진박형우노서영356
2017-01-03모음 제거 기반 인덱스 생성 방법 및 장치쟈이카 아몰 힌두라오노서영배상욱안상언김진718