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A hardware-based algorithm for virtual machine provisioning in a private cloud
Jaikar Amol Hindurao노서영김경륜황대대
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Cloud computing is becoming a key factor in the market day by day. Therefore, many companies are investing or going to invest in this sector for development of large data centers. These data centers not only consume more energy but also produce greenhouse gases. Because of large amount of power consumption, data center providers go for a different types of power generator to increase the profit margin which indirectly affects the environment. Several studies are carried out to reduce the power consumption of a data center. One of the techniques to reduce power consumption is virtualization. After several studies, it is stated that hardware plays a very important role. As the load increases, the power consumption of the CPU is also increased. Therefore, by extending the study of virtualization to reduce the power consumption, a hardware-based algorithm for virtual machine provisioning in a private cloud can significantly improve the performance by considering hardware as one of the important factors.
virtualization; virtual machine; algorithm; power consumption; data center
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Journal of Central South University of Technology
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