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Accurate and efficient GPU ray-casting algorithm for volume rendering of unstructured grid data
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
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We present a novel GPU-based ray-casting algorithm for volume rendering of unstructured grid data. Our volume rendering system uses a ray-casting method that guarantees accurate rendering results. We also employ the per-pixel intersection list concept in the Bunyk algorithm to guarantee an accurate result for non-convex meshes. For efficient memory access for the lists on the GPU, we represent the intersection lists for all faces as an array with our novel construction algorithm. With the intersection lists, we perform ray-casting on a GPU, and a GPU thread handles each ray. To increase ray-coherency in a thread block and improve memory access efficiency, we extend a prior image-tile-based work distribution method to fit modern GPU architectures. We also show that a prior approach using a per-thread local buffer to reduce redundant computation is not appropriate for modern GPU architectures. Instead, we take an on-demand calculation strategy that achieves better performance even though it allows duplicate computations. We applied our method to three unstructured grid datasets with different characteristics. With a GPU, our method achieved up to 36.5 times higher performance for the ray-casting process and 19.7 times higher performance for the whole volume rendering process compared with the Bunyk algorithm using a CPU core. Also, our approach showed up to 8.2 times higher performance than a GPU-based cell projection method while generating more accurate rendering results. These results demonstrate the efficiency and accuracy of our method.
광선추적법; 비정렬격자; 볼륨렌더링; 과학적 가시화; ray-casting; unstructured grid; GPU; volume rendering; scientific visualization
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ETRI Journal;
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