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A Conceptual Framework for an Information Behavior Model Based on the Collaboration Perspective between User and System for Information Retrieval
Yangyuen, WachiraNuntapichai, SiwanathPhetkaew, Thimaporn
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
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This research aimed (1) to study and analyze the ability of current information retrieval (IR) systems based on views of information behavior (IB), and (2) to propose a conceptual framework for an IB model based on the collaboration between the system and user, with the intent of developing an IR system that can apply intelligent techniques to enhance system efficiency. The methods in this study consisted of (1) document analysis which included studying the characteristics and efficiencies of the current IR systems and studying the IB models in the digital environment, and (2) implementation of the Delphi technique through an in-depth interview method with experts. The research results were presented in three main parts. First, the IB model was categorized into eight stages, different from traditional IB, in the digital environment, which can correspond to all behaviors and be applied to with an IR system. Second, insufficient functions and log file storage hinder the system from effectively understanding and accommodating user behavior in the digital environment. Last, the proposed conceptual framework illustrated that there are stages that can add intelligent techniques to the IR system based on the collaboration perspective between the user and system to boost the users’ cognitive ability and make the IR system more user-friendly. Importantly, the conceptual framework for the IB model based on the collaboration perspective between the user and system for IR assisted the ability of information systems to learn, recognize, and comprehend human IB according to individual characteristics, leading to enhancement of interaction between the system and users.
Information behavior; Information behavior model; Collaborative information behavior model; Information retrieval
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Journal of Information Science Theory and Practice;Volume 8 Issue 3
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