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Development of Evaluation Perspective and Criteria for the DataON Platform
Kim, Suntae
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
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This study is a preliminary study to develop an evaluation framework necessary for evaluating the DataON platform. The first objective is to examine expert perceptions of the level of DataON platform construction. The second objective is to evaluate the importance, stability, and usability of DataON platform features over OpenAIRE features. The third objective is to derive weights from the evaluation perspective for future DataON platform evaluation. The fourth objective is to examine the preferences of experts in each evaluation perspective and to derive unbiased evaluation criteria. This study used a survey method for potential stakeholders of the DataON platform. The survey included 12 professionals with at least 10 years of experience in the field. The 57 overall functions and services were measured at 3.1 out of 5 for importance. Stability was -0.07 point and usability was measured as -0.05 point. The 42 features and services scored 3.04 points in importance. Stability was -0.58 points and usability was -0.51 points. In particular, the stability and usability scores of the 42 functions and services provided as of 2018 were higher than the total functions were, which is attributed to the stable and user-friendly improvement after development. In terms of the weight of the evaluation point, the collection quality has the highest weight of 27%. Interface usability is then weighted 22%. Subsequently, service quality is weighted 19%, and finally system performance efficiency and user feedback solicitation are equally weighted 16%.
Evaluation perspective; Evaluation criteria; Research data platform; DataON; Digital Library
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Journal of Information Science Theory and Practice;Volume 8 Issue 2
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