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A Comparative Analysis of Editorial Leaders' Profiles of Major and Non-Western Library and Information Science Journals
Dong-Geun, OhEungi, KimJisuk, YeoKiduk, YangJongwook, Lee
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
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Due to the competitive nature of journal publishing, editorial leadership has become an increasingly important issue on many editorial teams. This study aimed to compare the major and non-Western international journals in library and information science and reveal the differences between them. To conduct this study, journals indexed by Scopus and Web of Science were analyzed in terms of gender, professional position and rank, institutions, and the iSchool status of the editorial leaders’ institutions. The most notable results were the following: a) As a whole, both types of journals lacked true internationalization. Editorial leaders of major journals tended to be from Western countries, whereas editorial leaders of non-Western journals tended to be from non-Western countries; b) Most non-Western journals tended to appoint editorial leaders from the same country as the publisher’s country; and c) Almost all editorial leaders of non-Western journals were from various non-Western countries and tended to have lower h-index scores, and their institutions were not part of the iSchool. Future research should assess editorial leadership, compare the results of this study to other disciplines, and find effective ways to collect data on editorial leaders while minimizing ethical concerns in order to meet future research needs.
Major library and information science journals; Non-Western library and information science journals; Editorial leaders; Editor-in-chief; Social media profile; iSchool
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Journal of Information Science Theory and Practice;Volume 7 Issue 4
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