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Evaluation of P2P and cloud computing as platform for exhaustive key search on block ciphers
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Over the years, parallel computingmodels have been proposed to solve large-scale application problems. P2P and cloud computing are well-known distributed computing models and have the advantage of running and implementing the parallel computing. Applying the
advantages of both models can enhance the benefits of parallel computing. In this paper, we analyze the efficiency of key search algorithm by combining P2P and cloud computing. For our experiment,we apply the key search algorithmin the field of cryptography.
The length of the key, which is stable criterion of cryptographic algorithm, is judged according to the amount of exhaustive key search.
And the key space required for the whole investigation is easy to divide and is very appropriate for parallel calculation of P2P environment. In addition, cloud computing can provide the fitting environment to meet the various user requirements using
virtualization technology. We conduct the following two performance experiments with P2P and cloud computing. First, we propose the method to guarantee the performance in P2P environment based on virtualization. Next, we simulate the performance of the
suggested encryption method in the aforementioned system environment. Results reveal effectiveness and validity of the proposed system environment, which can also provide both scalability and flexibility.
P2P computing; Cloud computing; Virtualization; Block cipher; DES
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Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications
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