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A Study of Prescriptive Analysis Framework for Human Care Services Based On CKAN Cloud
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A number of sensor devices are widely distributed and used today owing to the accelerated development of IoT technology. In particular, this technological advancement has allowed users to carry IoT devices with more convenience and efficiency. Based on the IoT sensor data, studies are being actively carried out to recognize the current situation or to analyze and predict future events. However, research for existing smart healthcare services is focused on analyzing users’ behavior from single sensor data and is also focused on analyzing and diagnosing the current situation of the users. Therefore, a method for effectively managing and integrating a large amount of IoT sensor data has become necessary, and a framework considering data interoperability has become necessary. In addition, an analysis framework is needed not only to provide the analysis of the users’ environment and situation from the integrated data, but also to provide guide information to predict future events and to take appropriate action by users. In this paper, we propose a prescriptive analysis framework using a 5W1H method based on CKAN cloud. Through the CKAN cloud environment, IoT sensor data stored in individual CKANs can be integrated based on common concepts. As a result, it is possible to generate an integrated knowledge graph considering interoperability of data, and the underlying data is used as the base data for prescriptive analysis. In addition, the proposed prescriptive analysis framework can diagnose the situation of the users through analysis of user environment information and supports users’ decision making by recommending the possible behavior according to the coming situation of the users. We have verified the applicability of the 5W1H prescriptive analysis framework based on the use case of collecting and analyzing data obtained from various IoT sensors.
CKAN; Framework
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Journal of Sensors
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