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Updating the trusted connection of reorganized computing resource under the automated system management platform
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The High-Performance Computing (HPC) is an infrastructure to support various research fields. The research using HPC requires big storage for large-scale of raw data and the huge computing resources to analyze. The consolidated operations of the computing center for supporting various researches using HPC are a very effective organization. The consolidated operations are able to increase the utilization. The computing center has to be re-organized continuously in order to support the various fields of research effectively and flexibly. Re-organization to reuse the limited resources enforces the update of the information for verification of the computing resources after the re-allocation of computing resources and the re-distribution of trusted connection between computing resources. Consequently, to maintain effective research support we need automated resource re-organization environment. In this paper, we build an automated update of the trusted connection for re-organized computing resource using puppet which is automated system management platform. Finally, we provide a unified verification point and efficient environment for the re-allocation and re-organization of the integrated computing center.
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The Journal of Supercomputing
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