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A Design of Architecture for Federating between NRNs and Determination Optimal Path
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The current networks do not disclose information about a management domain due to scalability, manageability and commercial reasons. Therefore, it is very hard to calculate an optimal path to the destination. Also, due to poor information sharing, if an error occurs in the intermediate path, it is very difficult to re-search the path and find the best path. Hence, to manage each domain more efficiently, an architecture with top-level path computation node which can obtain information of separate nodes are highly needed
This study aims to investigate a federation of a united network around NRN(National Research Network) that could allow resource sharing between countries and also independent resource management for each country. Considering first the aspects that can be accessed from the perspective of a national research network, ICE(Information Control Element) and GFO(Global Federation Organizer)-based architecture is designed as a top-level path computation element to support traffic engineering and applied to the multi-domain network. Then, the federation for the independent management of resources and resource information sharing among national research networks have been examined.
Federation; GMPLS; Path Computation Element; GFO; ICE
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KSII Transactions on internet and information systems
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