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Direct hand touchable interactions in augmented reality environments for natural and intuitive user experiences
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Several studies have been carried out on augmented reality (AR)-based environments that deal with user interfaces for manipulating and interacting with virtual objects aimed at improving immersive feeling and natural interaction. Most of these studies have utilized AR paddles or AR cubes for interactions. However, these interactions overly constrain the users in their ability to directly manipulate AR objects and are limited in providing natural feeling in the user interface. This paper presents a novel approach to natural and intuitive interactions through a direct hand touchable interface in various AR-based user experiences. It combines markerless augmented reality with a depth camera to effectively detect multiple hand touches in an AR space. Furthermore, to simplify hand touch recognition, the point cloud generated by Kinect is analyzed and filtered out. The proposed approach can easily trigger AR interactions, and allows users to experience more intuitive and natural sensations and provides much control efficiency in diverse AR environments. Furthermore, it can easily solve the occlusion problem of the hand and arm region inherent in conventional AR approaches through the analysis of the extracted point cloud. We present the effectiveness and advantages of the proposed approach by demonstrating several implementation results such as interactive AR car design and touchable AR pamphlet. We also present an analysis of a usability study to compare the proposed approach with other well-known AR interactions
augmented reality; Natural Marker; Physical Interface; Natural User Interface
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Expert Systems with Applications
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