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A study on semantic web design for global national RnD status analysis
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The analysis of global R&D information has become an important factor in making R&D investment strategies and global cooperation with the increased competition in the global market. The R&D analysis in Korea is based on the National Science and Technology Information Service (NTIS). However, it is limited to domestic information and the need to widen the analysis to the global market has risen recently. LOD (Linked Open Data) Cloud service, which is based on the openness and the connection of data, is being expanded recently as is the use of Mashup services through the connection with data from other institutes. In this paper, we will analyze the Linked data structure of CORDIS (Community Research and Development Information Service), which is the R&D information service adopted by the EU, and then suggest a case for utilizing the linked data format and design model for implementing the semantic web to effectively analyze the global national R&D trends by using a case where the RDF Triple data has been semantically mashed up from NTIS and NDSL (National Discovery for Science Leaders).
LOD(LinkedOpenData); Linked Data; Global R&D Information; CORDIS; NTIS; NDSL; Semanticweb; Mashup; Ontology; Interoperability; Intelligent Information
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Cluster computing : the journal of networks, software tools and applications
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