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KMI-R1: A Grid middleware package for K*Grid
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Grid computing aims for consolidated computing environment
which provides coordinated resource sharing and problem
solving in dynamic, multi-institutional virtual organizations.
Upon this new computing paradigm, existing computation and
data intensive problems can get great benefits in terms of temporal
and economical cost of computing as well as user’s convenience
in job submission.
This paper addresses the Grid middleware package called
KMI-R1 (K*Grid Middleware Initiative, Release 1) developed
under the K*Grid project in Korea. KMI-R1 is the first release
as the K*Grid middleware package which integrates the essential
middleware components to build a Grid environment.
The main components of KMI-R1 (see Fig. 1) are More-
Dream Toolkit for providing core Grid services, KGridCA for
helping to construct a certificate authority, AIService for providing
Grid accounting information, and KMI-GridSphere for
helping to implement Grid portals.
MoreDream is a Grid middleware toolkit, which has three
major Grid services: GRASP [1] for resource and job management,
GAIS [2] for Grid information service, and MPICH-GX
with a few noble extended features for MPI applications in
Grid. MoreDream focuses on supporting computation-intensive
applications in Grid.
KGridCA is a software for constructing a certificate authority
where users can get a certificate via any web browser.
AIService is an OGSI-compliant service which gathers Grid accounting
information from heterogeneous platforms and shows
it through a web portal. Lastly,KMI-GridSphere is the extended
one from GridSphere with some Grid service portlets such as
GRASP job submission portlet and GAIS information browsing
KMI-R1 has an initial purpose of helping scientists to harness
all the advantages of Grid in their fingertips by providing the essential Grid services.
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Computer physics communications
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