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미래 과학기술 정보 정책과 전략 연구
Alternative Title
Research of Policy and Strategy on Future Science and Technology Information
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 과학기술정보통신부
funder : Ministry of Science and ICT
선도적 대응 및 연구사업 전략 개발
- 정부 정책 대응 및 변화에 따른 기관전략 수립
- 고객만족도 통합 관리체계 운영
- 주요사업 및 창의사업 기획/평가
- 과학기술 전문가 네트워크 운영

미래대응 과학기술정보정책연구 및 발전방안 수립
- 기관 오픈 사이언스 플랫폼 구축에 관한 연구 수행
- 국가 차원의 과학 데이터 개방·활용 체제 구축에 관한 기획 연구
- 기관 성장동력 창출을 위한 4차 산업혁명 관련 정책 분석 연구

(출처 : 보고서 초록 5p)

II. Research Necessity

◦ Expansion of importance of R&D policy and business planning for finding and fostering new technology-leading growth engine
◦ Request for establishing policy development strategy for timely science and technology information to cope effectively with the rapid change of science and technology
◦ Request for studying strategy and methodology for building effective science and technology information infrastructure
◦ Need to develop various strategies to strengthen competitiveness of institutional research projects

III. Research Contents and Scope

◦ Development of leading-edge response and research business strategy
- Operation of external response system according to government policy
- Coping with institutional comprehensive evaluation
- Operation of project planning and evaluation system
- Operation of integrated customer satisfaction management system
- Composition and operation of science and technology expert network
- Establishment of plans to develop research projects for sustainable development
◦ Establishment of future-oriented science and technology information policy research and development plan
- Preparation of foundation for institutional development through supporting new business
- Specification of mid- to long-term development strategy
- Support of open science related legislation and policy

IV. Expected results and its utilization plan

◦ Use of the planning of the institutional research and the development of the agenda taking into consideration the mid-to long-term R&D policy and investment direction of the new government
- Contributing to the development of the specific mission field by utilizing the direction of the development of the intelligent information-based technology derived from the research project and the development direction of the research infrastructure corresponding to the fourth industrial revolution to establish the institutional goal ('18 - '20)
◦ Contributing to the creation of a new leading research / infrastructure area in response to changes in the macro-research environment related to science and technology information and its promotion
- Develop research data infrastructure that meets the open science and data-intensive R&D paradigms and use it to drive core mission for KISTI
◦ Utilization for the reorganization of research area and strengthening / expansion of new research
- Actively coping with changing science and technology research environment and policy environment
- Deriving the research project strategy leading a new paradigm and the new business area and using for reorganizing the next research business portfolio centering on the core research area
◦ Contribution to the change of science and technology information system and the restoration of mission area through the study of research data system at the national level and support for establishing national development direction
- As a new information system to prepare for the knowledge-based era, defining the research data area and contributing to establishment of policy for the utilization and sharing of scientific and technological information such as establishment of national led policy and related science and technology
◦ Preparation of fundamental data of planning research that derives a new mission area at the institutional level
- Redefining the areas of public service that are changing the domestic information service system, using it as the core data for the establishment of the special mission-typed government entrusted task and its specification
- Contribution to the research and utilization of information services such as creation of new demand of related public sector participants

(출처 : Summary 9p)
정책연구; 연구사업 기획; 연구사업 평가; 고객만족도; Policy Research; Research Program Planning and Evaluation; Customer Satisfaction
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