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인터랙티브 2D, 3D 인체 해부모형 VR 소프트웨어 개발
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Development for Interactive VR Software using 2D, 3D Human Digital Anatomy Model
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 과학기술정보통신부
funder : Ministry of Science and ICT
본 연구는 다양하고 복잡한 구조의 인체 해부모델 데이터를 입체적으로 돌려 볼 수 있는, 또한 카데바의 해부도 및 절단면을 볼 수 있는 [인터랙티브 2D, 3D 인체 해부모형 VR 소프트웨어]를 개발함.
◦ 스마트 기기에서 작동하는 AR 데모용 소프트웨어를 개발하여 잠재적 시장 확대를 모색함
◦ 본 사업을 통한 결과물을 관련 전시회 참가 등 다양한 경로를 통하여 관련 업계에 홍보함.
◦ 아이디어 및 투자 협력을 통하여 상품화를 위해 상품성을 고도화 해나감
◦ HMD와 스마트테이블 동기화
◦ VR 카데바 스마트테이블과 외부 영상기기 연동
◦ 스마트테이블과 HMD 사용자 인터페이스 설계 및 구현
◦ Realtime section view와 live organ functioning Display
◦ 모바일 AR

(출처 : 보고서 초록 3p)

II. Background and necessity of implementation

○ The results of the recent friendly product development and active research using human information are being used commercially, and it is expected to be extended further.
○ Development of VR Software for Anthropomorphic Model using 2D, 3D interface.
○ The Device leads the VR and AR market, expecially, with the sales of VR and AR headsets soaring rapidly in 2016, they are becoming more popular in the market. Sales of VR and AR headsets reached 5.2 million zł (approximately $1.32 million) in 2015 and increased sharply by 269 % to 2.92 million zł (approximately $ 4.89 million) in 2016.
○ According to Euromonitor's market report, Poland's VR and AR headset market will grow 39.4 % per annum and size of market will be approximately $111.1 million (2017).
○ Forecast to grow of VR/AR market scale from $ 2.2 billion in 2016 to $ 80 billion by 2025.
○ The United States has the best basic technology related to VR / AR.Long-term research focusing on commercialization and industrialization based on IT technologies and VR/AR technologies are progress
○ In the mid 2000s, Mixed Reality was selected as the 10 core technology and applied to areas such as transportation, defense, and medical science.
○ Private businesses such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple are actively promoting R&D. Europe is pursuing a comprehensive plan encompassing a range of R&D policies from basic research to infrastructure maintenance and commercialization.
○ Develop VR/AR development platform and tools for making VR/AR contents.
○ Project to introduce European cultural heritage is carried out through a virtual tour implemented as a virtual reality of augmented reality.
○ Japan aims to create the next generation of real media industry for the award of IT power again.
○ VR / AR technologies are being integrated into intelligent robot technologies in the form of fusion technologies. The Government has prepared comprehensive plans for promoting industries, including support for R&D on new technologies, fostering human resources, and diversifying funds for supporting overseas businesses.
○ Implementing a ‘Virtual Reality Techno Japan’ policy, which is formed with the funds of 38 country-supported companies worth 200 billion won.
○ Korea is investing in developing a medical simulator for virtual reality and artificial intelligence applications in the cultural technology (CT) sector.

III. Scope and Contents of Research and Development

○ Developing a function to retrieve and check the three-dimensional human data of Korean people.
○ Produce a "Visual Table " that includes touch screens with varying anatomical data for each body. This can retrieve and check the three-dimensional human data of Korean people.
○ develop demo AR program for mobile using Android platform
○ Synchronize Smart Table with HMD
○ Connect VR Kadeva Smart Table with external imaging device
○ Design and implementation of the smart table and the HMD user interface
○ Realtime section view and live order replacement display
○ Mobile AR
○ Technology to ensure smooth operation of human data when it is uploaded to the system (data optimization, etc.)
○ Developing technology that has not been tried before, we will build a target system and try to apply for a patent
○ Optimal "Regging Technique" when the current static image is made from moving data
○ Real-time operation and 3D interactive program registration


○ VR system prototype product
- Developing human anatomy 2D and 3D products
○ Development of related intellectual property rights
- Application of patents, product registration, design registration, and program registration
○ World's First Anthropomorphic Model 2D, 3D VR System
- VR Systems with Touch Panel (2D) and HMD (3D)
○ Development of the digital mock-up for human digestive systems
- Customisable product development to meet the needs of specialists
○ Design and composition of "Visual Table" hardware
○ Connet HMD into "Visual Table"
○ Modeling &Texturing
○ Processing visualization technology for cut faces
○ Conversion & stack VR Cadaver data
○ VR Kadeva data retrieval
○ Keep data by VR Kadeva function
○ Product visual table

V. Plan to Use Research and Development Results

○ Establishment of a system for cooperation from commercial model development to marketing strategy utilizing human body data.
○ Developing products using VR technology enables a profit sharing business by helping domestic and global marketing and utilizing human body data.
○ Development of a similar joint business model with the product production company that can apply human information
○ The human anatomy video is being rendered so it can be loaded into the system, and rendering is one of the pillars of this project.
○ Interlocking VR Kadeva smart table with external imaging equipment for real-time interactive image operation
○ Design and implementation of the smart table and the HMD user interface
○ Development soft type this year, and this product will be announced at the Korea International Medical Devices Exhibition (KIMES) will be open in Korea in March next year to establish a sales cooperation with overseas medical device vendors.
○ Complete the system with direct and indirect budget investment and procurement.
○ Technology transfer to the company and profit from the sale of the product is increased (universities and anatomical institutions, global medical device companies).

(출처 : Summary 7p)
카데바; 인체; 의료; 교육; VR; Kadeva; Human body; medical attention; Education
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