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미래기술 탐색을 위한 기술 인텔리전스 체제 구축
Alternative Title
Development of Technology Intelligence System for Exploring Future Technologies
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 과학기술정보통신부
funder : Ministry of Science and ICT
1. 과학계량학 기반 신기술 탐색 체제 구축

□ 과학계량학 기반 신기술 다이내믹스 분석모형 개발
- 과학계량학 분석 프레임 연구
- 신기술 탐지ㆍ발굴모형 연구
- 과학계량학 기반 신기술 매크로모니터링 연구
- 미리안 3.0 베타버전 개발

□ 신기술 모니터링 분석정보 및 분석도구 고도화
- 신기술 모니터링 분석정보 확장
- 글로벌 논문, 특허정보 분석 플랫폼 운영 및 고도화
- 과학계량학 분야 글로벌 선도연구 그룹과의 해외공동연구사업 기획 및 추진

2. 기술기회 및 경쟁정보 분석솔루션 개발ㆍ확산

□ 기술기회발굴시스템(TOD) 특성화 모델 개발
- TOD 1.0 에서 spin-off 한 특정목적형 모델 플랫폼의 연구 개발
- 제품-기능-기술 네트워크 동적 특성 분석모델 개발(Product DNA)
- TOD 서비스 체제 고도화

□ 경쟁정보분석시스템(COMPAS) 기술/지역 특화형 분석모델 개발
- 바이오/의료분야 특화형 경쟁정보 분석모델 개발(COMPAS-MED)
- 중국특허정보 특화형 경쟁정보 분석모델 개발(COMPAS-CHINA)

(출처 : 보고서 초록 5p)

IV. Results of the Project
1. Establishment of new & emerging technology detection system based on scientometrics

○ Developing new & emerging technology dynamics analysis model based on scientometrics
- Research on the frameworks for scientometric analysis
- Research on models for detection/ mining of new & emerging technology
- Establish of New & Emerging Signals of Technology MAP (NEST-MAP)
- Research on the macro-monitoring of new & emerging technology (i*Metrics)
- Development of 「MIRAN 3.0」beta version

○ Improving new & emerging technology monitoring analysis information and analytic tools
- Expansion of information analysis infrastructure for new & emerging technology monitoring
- Construction of new & emerging technology contents based on NEST-MAP
- Operation and enhancement of global papers/patents information analysis platform (SCOPUS, G-PASS)
- Planning and promoting international joint research projects with global leading research group in scientometrics

○ Utilization and diffusion of new technology monitoring information and analysis tools
- Planning and operation of scientometrics education program
- Finding examples of utilization innovation through collaboration with the media (Science and Technology Commitment Map)
- Identification of innovative cases using new technology monitoring information and analytic tools

2. Implementing the Technology Opportunity Discovery System and Competitive Analysis Service System

○ Developing TOD spin-off systems to cope with specified purpose by using TOD Knowledge-base
- Research and development of a model to analyze a company’s Product Portfolio by using patent-product relationship.
- Research and development of an analytic tool to investigate technology evolution by analyzing citation relation between patents.
- Research of a model to discover Business core products by using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

○ Development of Product DNA system investigating Product-Technology-Function relation network.
- Developing database of Product-Technology-Function relation based on patent
- Developing patent search module by entering Product-Technology entity name
- Improving Technology Trend analysis model

○ Improving function and service quality of TOD system
- Changing visualization method for Company Network
- Adding up modules to make brief reports of Product based TOD and Company benchmarking TOD

○ Developing new COMPAS(COMPetitive Analysis Service) model specified for the biomedical technology field
- Characterization of MeSH keyword of PubMed database and development of analytic model for that.
- Developing analytic tool, MeShMap, to analyze research activity in a field.
- Developing ClinicalTrial analytics tool

○ Developing new analysis models for COMPAS
- Establishing Chinese patent DB and analysis for the data structure
- Implementing COMPAS module for Korean Patent database (NDSL, KIPRIS)
- Data structure analysis on US patent ownership rights movement and technical design for Patent ownership movement analysis model

(출처 : SUMMARY 14p)
신기술 다이내믹스; 미래유망기술; 미래기술 지식베이스; 과학계량학; 기술기회발굴; 경쟁정보분석; 기술인텔리전스; New & Emerging Technology Dynamics; Future Technologies; Knowledge-base; Scientometrics; Technology Opportunity Discovery; Competitive Information Analysis; Technology Intelligence
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