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증거기반 미래유망기술을 기반으로 한 미래직업에 대한 탐색적 연구
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Exploratory Study on Future Jobs related to Evidence-based Future Technologies
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
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funder : 미래창조과학부
funder : KA
○ 미래 직업관련 콘텐츠 수집 및 분석
- 과학기술 선진국들이 발표한 과학기술분야 미래 직업 수집 및 분석
- 미래기술의 발전에 따라, 국민소득 3만불, 4만불, 5만불 시대 활성화될 직업에 대한 조사
- 한국직업능력개발원, 한국고용정보원 등 국내 주요 기관에서 발표한 미래 직업에 관한 자료 조사
○ 미래기술간 기술융합도 측정을 통한 미래기술 관련산업 도출
- 미래기술간에, 미래기술 내에서 기술융합도 측정
○ 미래사회 니즈 및 이슈를 반영한 아젠다별 미래기술과 미래직업간 매핑
- 미래기술을 기반으로 미래 직업군 풀 도출
- 미래사회 니즈 및 이슈를 반영한 아젠다별 미래직업 매핑

Ⅳ. Results of the Project
○ It Investigates the technology-industry, industry-job-mapping models for the future agendas that will reflect the future social needs and develop future-technology-industry-job mapping models.
- It investigates to future jobs produced by the major countries and obtains O * NET SOC contents in the US. It Identifies the classification system of O * NET SOC in the United States. Using the patents registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, It measures technology convergence between future technologies and derives future technology related industries. It measures technology convergence phenomena among future technologies in future technology knowledge base and analyzes inter-industry linkages of future technologies.
○ The model to be developed identifies occupations related to future technologies by using technology, industry, and job mapping tables, so that they can explore future jobs to lead sustainable growth. In addition, this model can be extended to education and training that can respond to future jobs corresponding to future social needs.
미래기술; 기술지능; 과학기술정보; 융합기술; 기술 영향력; 수명주기; future technology; technology intelligence; science and technology information; converging technology; technological impact; technology life cycle
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