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소프트웨어 기반의 첨단과학기술연구망 구축과 서비스
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Building and Services of Advanced KREONET Based on Software
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
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funder : 미래창조과학부
funder : KA
□ 소프트웨어 융합형 첨단연구망 고속화 및 시범 서비스
◦ 600G급 첨단연구망 운영효율화 및 서비스 고도화
◦ 통합형 연구지원 서비스 체계구축
◦ 소프트웨어 융합형 첨단연구망 인프라 설계/구축
□ 첨단연구망 기반 협업 플랫폼 서비스 및 협업연구환경 고도화
◦ 첨단연구망 연구그룹 지원을 위한 협업플랫폼 개발 및 구축
◦ 협업플랫폼 고도화를 위한 연동체제 기술연구 및 구현
□ 첨단연구망 기반 정보보호체계 구축
◦“Non-Stop”종합상황실 기반 실시간 보안관제 인프라 구축·서비스
◦ 사이버 침해사고 대응지원 강화 및 신속성 향상
◦ 신·변종 사이버위협 대응수준 향상

III. Research and Development results
A. Building and trial service of advanced KREONET based on software
○ Building and service expansion for 600G-class advanced research network
⦁ Enhancement of advanced research network operation and failure correspondence and failure prevention
⦁ Building traffic traces and analysis system of flow-centric KREONET
⦁ Enhancement of operation efficiency 100G-class GLORIAD, 4 international lambda exchange(KRLight) PoPs
⦁ Supporting global R&E collaboration project that guarantee end-to-end bandwidth
⦁ Operation guildeline and security procedure arrangement for management efficiency of KREONET
⦁ Building and operating the global smart roaming service(Eduroam) as NRO(National Roaming Operator)
⦁ Improving security management of KREONET base on integrated control supporting system
○ Advanced research support expansion and integrated technology supporting service based on utilizing results of advanced research network
⦁ Successful utilization case creation on Giga-Class advanced research network by advanced research support project
⦁ Enhancing case assistance by Integrated advanced research support according to characteristic of advanced research
○ Deployment of software convergence advanced research network (KREONET-S) and development of core SDN/NFV technologies
⦁ Advanced design of software-based network infrastructure (time-to-research & collaborations)
⦁ Advancement of software-based network deployment (Busan and Chicago regional centers)
⦁ Deployment of KREONET-S virtual dedicate network and user oriented visibility technologies (applied to astronomy research group)
B. Collaborative research platform services on KREONET and global federation
○ Developing a collaboration platform for national R&E communities
⦁ Developing two collaboration applications for domestic researchers
⦁ Design and implementation of FaaS (Federation as a Service) platform to ease federated authentication
○ Global Federation of Networked R&D Resource
⦁ The Implementation of Networking Experiment Testbed
⦁ SDN integrated Networking Resource and Global Federation
○ Developing collaborative cloud environment which consists of Science DMZ/DTN and connection to PRP(Pacific Research Platform) Project in US
⦁ Construction for ScienceDMZ/DTN(Data Transfer Node) between Seoul and Daejeon in order to performance verification for long distance transfer
⦁ Connection to PRP Project in US to activities for 5 major research areas based on big data and also performance verification between international transfer using DTN(FIONA)
C. Building of the cyber security service for KREONET
○ Building and service of a real-time security monitoring and response for clean-KREONET environments
⦁ Establishment and operation of "Non-Stop" system based real-time security monitoring infrastructure
⦁ Established a management procedure for that security monitoring and computer emergency response of KREONET
⦁ Establishment of a cyber crisis response system of researchers for guiding the global_KREONET
○ Enhancing R&D core for leading technology and commercialization based on large–scale network environments
⦁ Improving technology research of real-time automated verification based on large-scale security events
⦁ Lightening design of automated verification system(SMARTer) based on large-scale security information
⦁ Research and prototype design of real-time visualization based on large-scale cyber threat information
첨단연구망; 소프트웨어 융합 네트워크; 통합협업연구환경; ID 연계; 보안관제; 침해대응; KREONET; KREONET-S; COREEN; ID Federation; Security Security Monitoring & Response; Incident Response
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