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국가연구망의 오픈 사이언스 환경 제공을 위한 소프트웨어 네트워크 통합 구축 사업
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Development of Federated Software-Defined Networks for Open Science Environment based on the National Research Network
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
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funder : 미래창조과학부
funder : KA
□ 소프트웨어기반 네트워크(SDN)의 글로벌 통합기술 연구·실증 및 국제협업
◦ SDN 연동기관/망 대상 연동정책모델링 기법 및 오픈소스기반 제어클러스터 기술 지원 연구
◦ 한-미(KRLight-StarLight) 인터클러스터 연동 테스트베드 구축 및 시험/실증
◦ 글로벌 SDN 통합 테스트베드 참여·공동시험(5개 대륙의 선도국가연구망 주도)
□ 국가연구망 기반의 오픈 사이언스 지원을 위한 SDN/NFV 통합 환경 구축 연구·기획
◦ 국가연구망 활용기관 중심의 통합 SDN/NFV 액세스 기반 고도화 위한 설계·기획
◦ 글로벌 SDN/NFV 통합 기술의 활용 및 지원 연구
◦ 국가연구망 오픈 사이언스를 위한 선도연구개발환경 및 주요 연계분야 적용방안 연구

III. Research and Development results
A. Research and global collaborations/verification of federated global software-defined networking (SDN/NFV)
○ National research network oriented R&D on SDN/NFV global SDN federated model
⦁ Research on federated data modeling and abstraction of network and other resources for SDN/NFV integration
⦁ R&D on the programmable exchange of abstracted information between SDN controllers/clusters
○ R&D, research collaboration and experiments of global SDN/NFV federation technology with intuitive architecture to verify the validity of this planning and research
⦁ Development of SDN/NFV federation system architecture to combine multiple SDN network domains
⦁ Development of detailed procedure satisfying basic requirements of global SDN/NFV federation technology
⦁ Experiment of data delivery technology based on the federated SDN/NFV networking
⦁ Korea-USA collaborative research and joint verification originated from design and development of global SDN/NFV federation technology on national research network
B. Planning and research of federated SDN infrastructure development to support open science environment on national research network (KREONET)
○ Planning and research of open Science based dynamic virtual convergence network environment and core technology development
⦁ Planning/research and design of national research networking/advanced ICT (SDN/NFV) convergence technology
⦁ Planning of open data, open collaboration, open infrastructure oriented national open science environment and service provisioning
○ Planning and research of open science environment and technology development based on national research network and advanced ICT
⦁ Planning and research conformed to the mission of supercomputing division which is defined by the purpose of establishment and national law related to KISTI
⦁ Planning and research that fits to vision and outcome goals of KISTI’s formal management plan(‘14-’17)
○ Economics evaluation performed by economical feasibility analysis and simulation
⦁ Analysis of benefit items gained by this project: 1) benefit estimation due to the increase of research productivity, 2) cost reduction of software purchase, 3) cost increment related to network operations efficiency
⦁ Evaluation of the project outcomes: this project’s economical value is sufficient according to the analysis and simulation through stochastic model and deterministic model
○ Use case analysis by coming up with representative instances of utilization
⦁ Use case analysis and development of advanced research networking and open science based on distributed cloud environment
⦁ Use case analysis and development of open science environment for joint application of national supercomputers based on national research network
⦁ Use case analysis and development related to IoT and Industry Internet areas
⦁ Specific use case analysis regarding virtual and coexistent reality (VR/CR) as well as essential advanced applications fields
소프트웨어기반 네트워크; 오픈 사이언스; 국가연구망; 인터클러스터; 테스트베드; SDN/NFV; Open Science; KREONET; Inter-cluster; Testbed
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