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국가R&D 정보의 공유·협력 강화로 국가과학기술 가치 극대화
Alternative Title
Maximize the Value of National Science and Technology by Strengthen Sharing/Collaboration of National R&D information
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 미래창조과학부
funder : KA
◦ 국가R&D 연구성과물 공동활용체제 구축
- 보고서원문 성과물 등록기관과의 협력체계 강화를 통한 등록률 향상: 85.6% (전년도 대비 104.9% 향상)
※ ‘14년 77% → ’15년 81.6% → ‘16년 85.6%
- 보고서원문 성과물 고부가가치화와 공동활용 확대
·국가R&D 과제정보 매핑, 메타·목차정보, 북마크, 개인정보 제거, 참고문헌, 링크정보, 보고서원문 내 표/그림 정보 추출, 저자와 기관명 전거데이터 적용, 원문 PDF, XML 파일 생성
·‘16년도에 99개 기관에서 등록한 보고서원문 9,802권에 대한 개인정보 점검
·20개 과제관리기관에 고품질 국가R&D 보고서원문 DB 제공
- SCI(E) 논문성과물 원문정보 연계율 향상 : 95.8% (전년도 대비 102.6% 향상)
※ ‘14년 77% → ’15년 93.1% → ‘16년 95.8%
- 논문성과물 검증DB 구축과 공동 활용
·국내외 주요등재지 수록 논문 색인DB인 SCI(E), SCOPUS, KCI, KSCI를 대상으로 검증DB 구축
·연구자들이 입력한 국가R&D 논문성과물의 주요등재지 게재 여부 검증DB로 확인

◦ 국가R&D 연구성과물 검색서비스 고도화
- 키워드 그래프를 이용한 검색서비스 고도화
- 보고서원문의 전문검색과 비텍스트콘텐츠(표/그림) 검색 서비스 고도화

◦ 국가R&D 연구보고서 유사도 검색 서비스 체제 구축
- 국가R&D 연구성과물 유사도 검색 알고리즘 연구와 시범서비스 구축

◦ 국가R&D 연구성과물 등록 관리 시스템 구축
- 연구성과물 등록 시스템 고도화
·9대 연구성과물의 등록률 제고와 편의성 향상을 위한 연구성과물 등록 관리 시스템 연계 서비스 오픈

◦ 의미기반 NDSL-NTIS 지식베이스 구축과 지식맵 서비스 체제 구축
- 미래기술 500선 포함하여 의미기반 지식베이스 확장 구축
·Topic Modeling을 활용한 의미 기반 주제어와 연관관계 추출
·기존 4종* 데이터에 미래기술 500선 포함하여 지식베이스 확장 구축
* 과제, 논문, 특허, 연구보고서
- NDSL, MiriAn에 지식맵 서비스 적용
·NDSL에 다차원 (주제어, 연구자, 연구기관, 저널 등) 지식맵 서비스 적용
·MiriAn에 미래기술 500선 중심의 연구 성과 지식맵 적용

Ⅳ. Results
○ Strengthening the collection systems of National R&D outcomes and its co-utilization
- Strengthening the collection systems of National R&D outcomes
․Analysis on National R&D projects to assess the objects of National R&D-Report registration
※ 47,375 R&D project information obtained via NTIS National R&D One-Stop service in 2014
․The status analysis on National R&D projects for about 150 R&D project-regulation organizations is performed in 2014
※ Collected the raw data of the report outcomes for 25.9% of National R&D projects
- Enhanced the registration rate of the raw data of National R&D Reports (77.0%, 2014 → 81.6%, 2015)
- Enhanced the linkage rate of the raw data of National R&D Reports (91.4%, 2014 → 93.4%, 2015)
- Established a portal for National R&D outcomes
- DB Construction of high-quality raw data of National R&D-Reports
․Created meta data, TOC/References, and standardized XML for the raw data of National R&D Reports
․Data purification and quality management in National R&D outcomes (Accomplished the data error rate less than 0.1%)
․Enhanced the personal-information protection on the raw data of National R&D Reports
․Renewed ePrivacy certification

○ Building a system for unified management and utilization of National R&D outcomes
- Enhanced on the registration and management processes of National R&D outcomes
- Updated the XML DTD for National R&D reports
- Enhanced KISTI privacy check program and technology transfer to R&D regulation organizations
※ Paid technology transfer to 1 organization, and free technology transfer to 6 organizations
- Deployment of unified registration and management platform of National R&D Reports to R&D regulation organizations
※ 8 organiations in 2013 → 22 organizations in 2014 (30 organizations; accumulated) → 10 organizations in 2015 (40 organizations; accumulated)

○ Construction of a semantic-based NDSL-NTIS integration knowledge base and development of knowledge map services
- Construction of a semantic-based NDSL-NTIS integration knowledge base
․Developed a topic-keyword/s and relationship extraction system using a topic modeling method
․Applied entity-recognition data and organizations’ authority data to enhance the accuracy of the knowledge base
※ Entity-recognition data obtained from papers, patents, and research reports for high-ranked 100,000 researchers in terms of the quantity of the R&D outcomes produced.
※ 420,000 organizations’ authority data in NTIS
․Extended knowledge base by adding the future technologies with the existing 4 types of contents (R&D projects, papers, patents, research reports)
※ 7.2M data are established in the DB
․Developed R&D-output information-based knowledge map services with the basis of topic keyword/s, R&D projects, and future technologies
- Provided knowledge-map services to NDSL and MiriAn
․Provided multi-dimensional* knowledge-map services to NDSL
※ Topic-keyword/s centric map, researcher centric map, organization centric map, journal centric map
․Provided a future-technology centric knowledge-map service to MiriAn
- Developed an admin system for managing the knowledge base and knowledge map services
․Manages data updates and provides a monitoring service
․Provides the management of NE dictionary & stop-word list
- DB Construction of an evaluation-committee pool for women scientists and engineers
․Added new authority data for 300 women evaluation committee
candidates working in industry, academia, and research institutes (a total of 3,520 recode)
․Provided the evaluation-committee pool of the women scientists and engineers to other government agencies and R&D regulation agencies for them to have more chance to participate in policy-making activities
․Expanded use of the women evaluation-committee pool via a data sharing with a national talent DB of the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family
국가R&D 성과물; 보고서원문; 유사도 검색; 논문성과물; 논문 검증; 성과물 공동활용; 지식베이스; 지식맵; 토픽모델링; 온톨로지; National R&D Outcomes; R&D Reports; Search of Similarity; R&D papers; Verification of Paper; Sharing of Outcomes; Knowledge Base; Knowledge Map; Topic Modeling; Ontology
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