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과학기술 정보융합을 통한 고부가가치 서비스 기반 구현
Alternative Title
Implementation of Value-added Service Infrastructure for Convergence of S&T Information
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 미래창조과학부
funder : KA
agency : 한국과학기술정보연구원
agency : Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
■ 국내외 핵심 과학기술정보 자원 개발 및 구축
○ 협업기반 해외 핵심 정보 개발체제 운영
○ 국내 학술정보 확충 및 서비스
○ 국내·외 과학기술정보의 접근성 제고
■ 정보 연계·융합·공유를 위한 개방형 S&T 지식플랫폼 구축
○ 정보의 효율적인 수집·관리·식별·연계·융합·공유 기반기술 개발
○ 과학기술 콘텐츠 3P 교차 핵심 인물 육안 식별데이터 및 정보융합 DB 구축
○ S&T 지식플랫폼기반 IAI 서비스 프로토타입 개발
■ 과학기술정보 서비스 및 개방형 체제 고도화
○ NDSL 운영 고도화
○ 과학기술정보 오픈서비스 체제 선도
○ 고객지원 및 이용자 연구
○ 국내학술정보 출판 및 유통체제 구축

IV. Result of R&D
1. Development and Construction of Core S&T Information Resources
1) Consortium Based Global S&r Information Resources Development
○ Operating KESLI
- Organizing and Operating KESLI
· Consortium condition negotiation with content providers
· 126 Consortia, 645 universities/research instututes/corporations(4.9% increased)
· Promotion & training programs for member institutions of KESLI
- KESLI business process re-engineering
· Stakeholder analysis and key issues allocation by priority
· KESLI system rebuild : Remove ActiveX, Apply BPR results to the business process (urgent and short term issues), Rebuild DR schema
· Reorganization governing rules : Domestic electronic information consortium RFP standardization, KESLI regulation reorganization
- Open Access consortium organizing activities and harvesting OA information
· Cooperation request for SCOAP3 consotrium organizing to Korean Council of High Energy Physics committee
· SCOAP3 Global Council as a representative of Korea
· Promotion and Fund-raisin~ of SCOAP3 consortium in Korea
· Havestde OA information resources : Over 488,000 OA articles from 823 journal titles (Pubmed Central, BioMedCentral, Springer Open, etc.)
- JISTaP scholarly journal publishing· and distribution
· Publication of JTSTaP 4 issues in 2015
· Registration of JISTaP in international index DB : EBSCOhost(registered), SCOPUS(under examination)
· Promotion of JISTaP Member : Joined a member of COPE and OASPA, Booth exhibition 3 times at international conferences on a field of information science
2) Expansion of Domestic S&r Scholarly Content DB Construction
○ Enhancement of KSCD Coverage for the Total
- Domestic scholarly content construction ratio 75.5% (948 species)
- Newly constructed KSCD : Article bibliography DB (94,182 Records) / Reference DB (980,172 Records) / Full text XML DB (62 species, 4,024 Records)
○ DOI registration to CrossRef for Global Distribution of Domestic Scholarly Content
- DOI registration to CrossRef : 30,800 articles / DOI usage : 2,278,287 clicks
○ Publication of Korea Journal Citation Reports(KJCR) 2014 and Distribution
- Calculation of IF / ZIF / Immediacy Index for KJCR 700 journals (Avg. 0.338)
○ Improvement of KSCD management system and KSCD Quality
- Design & Implementation(basic feature) of New KSCD management system(OCEAN)
- Renewal of KSCD DQC-V Platinum certification
- Publication of "KSCD Construction Guideline"
3) Improvement of Accessibility to S&T Information
○ Establishment of Plan for Becoming DOI Registration Agcncy
- Publication of Korean Translated version of DOI Handbook
- Acquisition of Technology for Reference identification based on Global Standard
- Establishment of Plan for Becoming DOI Registration Agency based on Collaboration with Domestic Stakeholders and Existing DOl RAs
○ Public Data Offering in accordance with Government 3.0
- Offering Indigenous Species Database(13 collections, 33,000 records) to Naver and Daum
- Processing and offering Indigenous Species Database in Bulk(35 offerings)
○ Development of Chinese Core S&T Information and its Service
- Collection & translation of Chinese core S&T research articles (13,000 abstracts from 100 titles)
- Collection & translation of Chinese S&T research report(300 reports)
- Construction of Chinese-Korean S&T Terminology(50,000 terms)
- On-demand Translation Service of Full-text of Chinese S&T research article(50 articles)
4) Management of KISTI's Information Resources Center
○ Development & management of KISTI's information resource
- Domestic core information resource : purchase of 3,314 books and 50 journal titles
- Management of lending· service : Book lending 3,120 cases, and book return 2,556
- Issuance of ISBN for 146 books
○ Collection Development and user support
○ Development of KISTI Repository
- Development of pilot system of KISTI repository
- Collection and Registration of 835 published materials by KISTI
○ Disuse of materials
- 1,115 journals 69,653 books
○ Operation of Knowledge Content Committee

2. Construction and Development of S&T Knowledge and Valued-added Service Framework
1) Development of Core Techniques for Effective Data Management
○ Development of Contents Collector for Identification, Linking, and Fusion with 3P (Paper, Patent, Project Reports)
- Development of processor for collecting different contents and extracting entities
○ Development of Heterogeneous Identifier Kernel
- Development of automatic entity identification for a single content based on clustering
○ Development of Identified Data Management System
- Development of functionalities of checking and managing identified data using entity identification kernel
- Development of GUI-based supporting tool for eye-checking person, organization, and terminology
○ Development of Linking System for S&T Information Fusion
- Development of linking system for generating, checking, and modifying linking information between entities and between contents
- Development of automatic linking information generator for entities and contents
2) Construction of S&T Identified Data and Information-fusion DB
○ Construction of Correctly Identified Data of Person, Organization, Terminology, Classification for Korean Core Researchers
○ Construction of Linking Data from Unstructured Data for Korean Core Researchers
○ Construction of Automatic Identified and Linked Data of Entities from 3P
○ Profiling of Authors and Organizations from Domestic and International Papers obtained in 2015
3) Development of IAI Service Prototype based on S&T Knowledge Platform
○ Development of Value-added Service for Sharing Information, Solving R&D and National Problems, Searching Potential Techniques
○ Development of Search System Focusing of Linking and Identifying Entities for 3p
○ Employment of Validation Service Model for User-parcitipated Automatic Identification
○ Development of Scenario-based Value-added Service for Korean Core Researchers
4) Construction of Meta Data DB for International Academic Contents
○ Digitalization of Available Korean Journal: Achievement in 97%
- Improving accessability by linking Korean journals
○ Construction of Paper Meta DB and Links of Value-added Contents: Achievement in 300M (7,300 at total)
- Improving values of Korean journals and quality of academic information system

3. Service & Expansion of S&T Information
1) NDSL Service Operation & Enhancement
○ Stable operation of NDSL service
- Improvement of service UI
- SLA evaluation of NDSL service operation
- Improvement of service performance by collaboration system
○ Improvement of NDSL's search performance
- High performance engine replacement
- Establishment of NDSL's search quality management process
○ NDSL Performance Monitoring
- NDSL statistical system (SRS)
- NDSL usage log collection
○ NDSLQual assessment & improvement of web accessibility
- NDSLQual 81.95
○ Reinforcement of NDSL user personal information protection level
- Application to Information protection system
○ Operation of Additional Service
- Trend knowledge portal 'ICON' of information services
- Curation service : Issues&NDSL
- KISTI's 'Science Scent'
2) Open Service & Sharing for S&T Information
○ Advanced NDSL open service
- NDSL open service enhancing
· NOS using 115 organizations
· Increased use of NOS
- Development of NDSL open dataset
· Investigation of open dataset status
· Open dataset survey
· Open dataset visualization
- LOD service development
· LOD modeling
· LOD construction
· LOD service web page
3) Customer Value Creation & Customer Satisfaction Improvement
○ Improving customer satisfaction
- Assessing customer satisfaction 90.1
○ NDSL NPS survey
- NDSL NPS items and VOC analysis
○ VOC collection process
- Operating VOC system
· Improving VCMS function
· On-line quality assesment monitoring
- Operating customer center & VOC
○ Communication channel of customer satisfaction
- Information resource sharing expert forum
- NDSL user training
- 2015 knowledge creative award
- Operation of foreign e-journal service (Toll Free Service)
- New service policy of NIDS management
4) Improvement of KPubS Platform and its Proliferation
○ Improvement of KPubS's functionalities considering international level
- Enhancement of XML service function
○ Application Proliferation of KPubS
- Hosting journal editors seminars
T information; Information Convergence; Entity Identification; Information service; Information Aided Innovation(IAI); Knowledge Platform
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