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사용자 환경 개선을 위한 초고성능컴퓨팅 플랫폼 개발
Alternative Title
Development of Supercomputing Platform for Reforming User Environment
황순욱곽재혁김직수김상완남덕윤박근철박상배박주원변은규안선일그외 다수
Alternative Author(s)
Hwang, Sun-Uk; Gwak, Jae-Hyeok; Kim, Jik-Su; Kim, Sang-Wan; Nam, Deok-Yun; Park, Geun-Cheol; Park, Sang-Bae; Park, Ju-Won; Byeon, Eun-Gyu; An, Seon-Il; et al
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 미래창조과학부
funder : KA
agency : 한국과학기술정보연구원
agency : Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
□ 사업의 목표: 국가 슈퍼컴퓨팅 인프라의 효율적 활용을 위한 서비스 플랫폼 및 차세대 슈퍼 컴퓨팅 시스템 소프트웨어 개발을 통한 슈퍼컴퓨팅 세계 7대 강국 실현에 기여
□ 주요사업 내용
○ 서비스 플랫폼 기반 기술 개발 및 구축
- 응용에 특화된 멀티 서비스 체계 설계
- 플랫폼 프레임워크 구축
- 응용적용 및 커뮤니티 활성화
○ 운영 관리 SW 설계 및 개발
- 슈퍼컴퓨터 장애 예측 기술 선행 연구 및 개발
- Belle II 실험 지원을 위한 AMGA 개발 및 유지보수
○ 슈퍼컴 시작품 설계 및 고성능 I/O 기술 개발
- 데이터 집약형 슈퍼컴퓨터 요구분석 및 설계
- 고성능 I/O 기술 개발

Ⅳ. Result of the study
ㅇ Development of Service Platform
- Analysis of multi frameworks for various applications
● Test bed for analysis of MTC/HTC framework
● Monte-Carlo, Autodock, vina test
- Development of service platform framework
● Apply the Argonne National Lab’s Swift to HTCaaS
● Design a HTC cluster management system
● 21% erformance improvement with new job scheduler
● HTCaaS user data encryption
● Join in EGI Federated Cloud
● Service for various applications
● Virtual screening with KRIBB-Sangju univ using 617 CPU cores
● Monte-Carlo simulation for New Physics two induced sci papers
ㅇ Design and Development of Supercomputer management SW
- Preceding research and Development of supercomputer failuer prediction technology
● Collecting demands of department of supercomputing infrastructure and cooperative research and development of vCLAM which is the monitoring and supercomputer log analyzing tool
* visualization tool of Cluster Log Analysis and Monitoring
● Research of log collecting and analysis generic technologies such as Apache spark, plum, Kafka for failure prediction and monitoring
● Designing the prototype of supercomputer log analysis framework for real-time monitoring and analyzing huge log data
● Development of a test bed of real-time log analysis system
- AMGA Development and maintenance for supporting Belle II experiment
● Releasing the officail version of AMGA 2.5.0 to fix the problem of the response time decreases according to increasement of the number of directories
● Maintenance and support services of AMGA : fixing urgent error and providing patched version
ㅇ Designing I/O intensive supercomputer and Research on high performance I/O system
- Requirement analysis and design of data-intensive supercomputer
● Design and implementation of high-performance I/O testbed for performance analysis, reflecting the storage architecture of 4th KISTI supercomputer, and deduction of performance insights by performance comparison and analysis with 4th KISTI supercomputer
● Write performance achieved maximum 120% by optimizing communication layer of lustre filesystem
● Write performance achieved maximum 160% by implementation of burst buffer PoC system and technology
- Development of high-performance I/O technologies
● Development of abstract I/O framework enabling asynchronous and transform-based remote data movement
● Reduce 50% of time spent on analysing ECE-Imaging data at remote server
서비스플랫폼기술; 운영관리 소프트웨어; 병렬파일시스템; 고성능입출력시스템; 자원연동
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