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차세대 지식콘텐트 선도기술 개발연구
Alternative Title
A Study on Emerging Content Technology
Alternative Author(s)
Seo, Tae-Seol; Kim, Seok-Yeong; Choe, Hui-Yun; U, In-Ha; Hwang, Hye-Gyeong; No, Gyeong-Ran; Kim, Hye-Seon; Yu, Su-Hyeon; Lee, Tae-Ung; Sim, Min-Ju
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 과학기술부
agency : 한국과학기술정보연구원
agency : Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
○ 과학기술 정보자원 입수정책 및 평가모델 개발 : 과학기술잡지의 중요도와 활용도를 의사결정방법론을 적용하여 평가하는 모델을 개발하고 실험적으로 적용하였다. 샘플 데이터는 KISTI 자체 축적 데이터(잡지 기본정보, 복사빈도)와 JCR 데이터(Impact Factor)를 이용하였으며, 가중치 평가 방법(WSM)을 적용하여 평가 모델의 가능성을 확인하였다. 또한 자료 유형별 입수 정책도 마련하였다.
○ 국가 디지털 아카이빙 체제 구축을 위한 전략 개발 : 과학기술 디지털 정보의 아카이빙에 대한 해외 연구 동향과 기술을 분석하여, 정보자원 유형별 아카이빙 방안과 국가 차원의 장기 계획을 수립하였다.
○ Open Access 기반 지식정보 유통활성화 모델 개발 : 과학기술 연구분야의 연구 산출물 모형 만들고, 이에 기반하여 설문조사를 시행한 후, 분석함으로써 과학기술 분야의 기관 레포지토리 개발을 위한 기본 자료를 마련하였다. 또한 기초과학분야의 E-prints Archive 인 Science Attic 프로토타입을 개발하였다.
○ 정보관리연구지 발간 : 한국학술진흥재단 등재후보학술지로 2004년에 선정된 정보관리분야 학술지인 『정보관리연구』가 국내 정보관리분야 선도적 학술지로 자리매김해가고 있으며, 현재 800부를 기증, 교환 및 판매용으로 배포하고 있어 내년에 정식 등재학술지가 될 요건을 충족하고 있다.

Ⅳ. Result of the study and application schemes Followings are the main result of the research and future plan.
○ Building collection development policy and assessment model:
- A model to assess the usability and importancy of S&T journals was established based on a kind of decision-making methodology and experimental verification of it was performed. Sample data set was acquired from KISTI(journal information and photocopied frequency) and JCR CD-ROM(Impact factor). WSM(Weighted Sum Model), one of Multi-Attribute Decision-Making, was adopted as an assessment model for overseas journal. A process model and collection development policy by types of S&T information resource were also builded.
- From 2007, the policy, process and model will be effective in optimizing the collection budget by continuously grading up the quality.
○ Drawing up the strategies for building a national digital archive:
- A national long-term plan for S&T digital information archiving was established through literature survey. And also archiving technologies by information resource types were investigated to suggest an archiving models. An academic symposium, having over 200 attendants, has held to propagate the mind of digital archiving and hear opinions from experts.
- The result will be utilized when establishing action plan to develop permanent preserving technologies and systems for S&T information.
○ Building activating policy and a model for Open Access based information service:
- Base materials for establishing institutional repositories were prepared through a survey for investigating patterns and information sharing mind of researchers in Korea. Before that a research output model has been heuristically modelled. And also a prototype of e-Prints archive, Science Attic, in the areas of natural science was constructed.
- The next study following research output pattern should be continued on more specific subject areas. The Science Attic should be tested so as to improve and become a footboard for developing a real system. Moreover, establishing the English version of it is desirable.
○ Publication of the "Journal of Information Management":
- The journal has been published properly including 32 peer-reviewed papers.
- As a result, the journal has any problem on the road to the list of regular journals enrolled to Korea Research Fund (KRF). Moreover, it is desirable to try to be in the list of SSCI journals. And also, in 2006, it is recommended to make it be the first OAJ in Korea.
디지털 아카이브; 오픈 액세스; 장서 개발 정책; 자원 평가; 학술지; digital archive; open access; collection development policy; resources assessment; scholarly journal
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