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성과확산 기반구축 사업
Alternative Title
Performance diffusion establishment of foundation
소대섭박진서이동호이승혜김영욱김민아구기범이중연허영주이세훈그외 다수
Alternative Author(s)
So, Dae-Seop; Park, Jin-Seo; Lee, Dong-Ho; Lee, Seung-Hye; Kim, Yeong-Uk; Kim, Min-A; Gu, Gi-Beom; Lee, Jung-Yeon; Heo, Yeong-Ju; Lee, Se-Hun; et al
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 미래창조과학부
funder : KA
agency : 한국과학기술정보연구원
agency : Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
□ 성과확산 기반 구축
○ 성과관리․활용 기획 및 제도 개선
∙ KISTI 성과관리 및 활용의 효율적 지원을 위해 관련 프로세스 및 규정 개정
∙ 성과확산 프로세스 매뉴얼 작성 및 성과확산 가이드북 제작
∙ 성과검증시스템(표절방지시스템) 도입
○ KISTI 논문 및 지재권 관리
∙ 논문 및 지재권 자산실사
○ 우수기술 발굴 프로세스 및 KISTI 사업화 유망기술 발굴․지원체제 정립
∙ KISTI 보유 우수 기술 및 지식재산 확보를 위한 프로세스 정립
∙ 연구성과 심의제도 개선(안) 시행
∙ 연구실 R&D-IP 컨설팅
∙ KISTI 등록특허 평가
∙ 기술이전 상용화실태조사 수행
∙ 발명인터뷰제 신규 도입 및 운영
∙ 선행기술조사분석
○ 성과확산 홈페이지 구축
○ 성과관리․확산 교육프로그램 운영
○ 기술이전/사업화 마케팅 및 홍보
□ 실용화 기술개발
○ 4개 과제 시범운영
∙ CFD 응용을 위한 대용량 데이터 가시화 도구 실용화
∙ 이기종 무선침입방지시스템(WIPS) 통합관리를 위한 ‘무선보안통합관리시스템’ 개발
∙ 전자저널 이용통계 관리 및 공유 기술 실용화
∙ KnowledgeMatrix 실용화 기술개발

Ⅳ. Research & Development Outcomes
□ Laying the Foundation for Disseminating Outcomes
○ Revised the related processes and regulations to efficiently support the management and utilization of KISTI's outcomes.
∙ Reviewed the current IP creation process to establish efficient process improvement measures.
∙ Created a manual on the process of disseminating research outcomes.
∙ Created a guidebook on disseminating research outcomes.
○ Introduced the Outcome Verification System (Anti-Plagiarism System; Aug. 2014)
∙ Helped prevent plagiarism and duplicate publication and continuously expand the applicable scope of the Outcome Verification System to establish an ethical research culture for preventing misdeeds in research activities.
○ Management of KISTI's research papers and intellectual property
∙ Inspection of the research paper assets
- Across-the-board audit in case of KISTI's authors between 2001 and 2013
- 1st: Organized the data of the existing researchers' outcomes (materials in Excel/Hangul programs).
- 2nd: Organized WOS/SCOPUS/KCI data.
- 3rd: Removed redundant materials and check the number of materials.
- 4th: Established original texts.
- Removed redundant materials, secure references and original texts for 2,380 cases out of a total of 4,563.
∙ Audit of intellectual property assets
- Audited the status and progress related to the entire intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, design rights) patent-pending or registered since the integration of institutes(2001)
- Organized the relevant DB materials and documents of the nation's patent office, WIPO and overseas patent offices.
○ Introduced a process and system to identify and support KISTI's quality and promising technologies for commercialization.
∙ Established a process to secure KISTI's quality technologies and intellectual property.
∙ Implemented a (draft) research outcome review system.
○ Laboratory R&D-IP consulting
∙ Established a long-term patent strategy/management process per laboratory to create patents during the research planning and R&D implementation stages.
∙ Computer Intelligence Laboratory
- Completed an analysis of about 130 patents related to InSciTe services.
- Analyzed the relationships between registered patents and the completeness as patents.
∙ Earth Environment Support Team
- Reviewed petentability related to the earth environmental technologies.
∙ Technological Opportunity Analysis Center
- Conducted commercialization consulting for the Competitive Analysis Service (COMPAS)
○ Assessment of KISTI's registered patents
∙ Helped transfer technologies through establishing the portfolios of KISTI's quality patents per technology and product and assessment of patents, and identify potential technologies available for commercialization.
∙ Completed an assessment of patents through the analysis of WIPScore (230 patents) and SMART (262 patents); secured assessment objectivity through dual assessments.
○ Audit of the commercialization of the transferred technologies
∙ Examined the commercialization status of the technologies developed, and transferred to businesses, by KISTI to establish post-management policies for diverse aspects including the management of technological fee collection and the decision on maintaining the existing contracts.
∙ This commercialization status audit was performed in four stages that consisted of materials collection, questionnaire design, survey implementation and report writing.
∙ The major areas of the audit included the general status of the companies to which technologies were transferred, the commercialization status of the technologies transferred, and the obstacles to commercialization, which enabled KISTI to understand the status of the businesses' commercialization of KISTI's technologies and come up with the approaches to additional support.
∙ The subjects of the audit were 14 technologies (patents and knowhow) transferred by KISTI to 13 businesses, and on-site examinations were conducted on the 12 technologies that were confirmed through the public corporate information DB to be in use.
○ Construction of the website promoting the dissemination of outcomes
∙ Prompted by the recent quantitative increase in the amount of KISTI's research outcomes (patents, papers, reports, etc.) and the encouraged use of the research outcomes in the public areas.
∙ Constructed the 'Outcome Dissemination Website' as part of the Outcome Dissemination Center's efforts for laying its foundation, securing the foundation for internal/external communication and dissemination of the research outcomes.
○ Operation of the educational programs for the management and dissemination of outcomes
∙ Implemented the educational programs on outcome management and dissemination for promoting IP management mind
○ Management of the quality technology identification process
∙ Introduced and operated the Invention Interview System
∙ Helped prepare the reports on the advanced technological survey analysis and the strategies for securing the patent rights.
∙ Operated the Intellectual Property Evaluation Committee
○ Technological transfer/commercialization marketing and PR
∙ Preparation of the quality technology SMK
- Made and distributed 1,500 copies of SMK (1st: June, 500 copies covering 15 technologies /2nd: October, 1,000 copies covering 30 technologies)
□ Development of the commercialization technologies
○ Subject technologies for assistance: basic/original technologies that have been already secured through major projects, cooperative research projects and consignment projects, and that passed less than three years from the expiration of the project.
○ Commercialization of the tools to realize large data for the application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Packaging of the tools to realize large data for the application of CFD
∙ Tests and verifications for the commercialization-level stabilization
∙ Further development for providing the commercialization-level functions
○ Development of the 'wireless security integration management system' for the integrated management of the heterogeneous Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS)
∙ Development of the consumerism strategy-based wireless security integrated management system model for developing an economics- and efficiency-considered new model
∙ Securing the foundation for interoperability between the heterogeneous products through developing the standard technological specifications for the domestic WIPS products
∙ With the Special Act for ICT Promotion promulgated and the government pushing for the increase use of the domestic products in the public procurement market, encouraging the use of the domestic products in the wireless security market and contributing to the invigoration of the nation's industries.
○ Commercialization of the technologies for managing and sharing the electronic journal use statistics
∙ Development of the use statistics data collector that complies with the most recent international standards
∙ Undertaking the research on the use statistics sharing model
∙ Enhancing the interface and visualization functions that satisfy the customers' needs
○ Development of the technology for commercializing the KnowledgeMatrix
∙ Development of the easier-to-use KnowledgeMatrix Plus
∙ Designing the major functions of the KnowledgeMatrix Plus
∙ Testing the functions of the KnowledgeMatrix Plus
Performance Management; Performance Diffusion; Technology Transfer; Technology Commercialization; Government Research Institute
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