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중소·중견기업 M&S 지원 및 요소기술 개발
Alternative Title
M&S Support and Component Technology Development for SMEs
김호윤김재성이상민정민중홍정우손일엽윤태호서동우황재순박형욱그외 다수
Alternative Author(s)
Kim, Ho-Yun; Kim, Jae-Seong; Lee, Sang-Min; Jeong, Min-Jung; Hong, Jeong-U; Son, Il-Yeop; Yun, Tae-Ho; Seo, Dong-U; Hwang, Jae-Sun; Park, Hyeong-Uk; et al
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 미래창조과학부
funder : KA
agency : 한국과학기술정보연구원
agency : Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
1. 중소․중견기업 제품 및 기술개발을 위한 M&S 기술지원
- 슈퍼컴퓨팅 기반의 디지털 Modeling & Simulation/Analysis 서비스 지원
- 슈퍼컴퓨팅 기반의 기술지원 서비스 후 성과조사 및 서비스 역량 분석
- 슈퍼컴퓨팅 기반의 디자인 및 기획 서비스 지원/영상제작 지원
2. 중소․중견기업 제품 및 기술개발을 위한 M&S 환경지원
- 공학해석 자립화를 위한 전처리기 시스템 개선
- 공학해석 후처리기 소프트웨어 개발
- 공개 전산유체해석 코드인 OpenFOAM 과 범용 프로그램과의 비교 연구
- 공개 구조해석 코드인 Code_aster 학습
- 산업체 기술지원용 자원통합시스템 (ezSIM) 보완 구축
3. 중소․중견기업 슈퍼컴활용 활성화를 위한 M&S 교육지원확대
- 슈퍼컴퓨팅 기반 응용 S/W 교육 시행
- 슈퍼컴퓨터 기반 디지털제조 인력양성 프로그램 운영

IV. Results
1. Support to improve SMEs’ R&D efficiency
- Support to service digital modeling, simulation and analysis based on HPC
▪ Supporting program operation to respond industrial supercomputing demands as key action for innovation and R&D of SMEs
▪ To promote developments by R&D consulting based on HPC
▪ To establish user oriented supercomputer support programs and construct practical service system optimized for domestic SMEs’ situations
- Achievement survey and capability analysis about technical supports based on HPC
▪ Time and cost reduction by achievement survey and capability analysis
▪ Survey of necessary expenses to SMEs supported
▪ Questionnaire survey about time and cost reduction efficiency
- Technical support in the field of design, planning and image production
▪ Usage of marketing by supporting design, planning and image production techniques
▪ Supercomputing support customized by each SME to respond to the in-situ reaction
2. Improvement of supercomputing service system for SMEs
- Improvement of pre-processor for self-reliance of engineering analysis
▪ Additional development of pre-processor to be able to directly apply to existing commercial softwares
▪ Development of boundary conditions and load input functions in connection with ANSYS and Codeaster
▪ Improvement of interface to be able to be used by beginners(units, status, etc)
▪ Development of element healing and verification module
▪ Improvement of automatic meshing module
- Development of post-processor for engineering analysis
▪ Development of Multi-view pre/post processors based on open sources to collaborate to review results of design and analysis with SMEs deficient in expertcomputing and human resources in the stage of pre or post process related R&D rocess
▪ Total system structure design for detection, tracking and rendering to body out augmented visualizations based on RP
▪ Module design to identify the specific shaped marker to track RP model
▪ Investigation of an algorithm tracking marker or non-marker(Feature Tracking, Edge Tracking, Environment Tracking)
▪ Suggestion of VRML rendering techniques in augmented reality environment to collaborate to discuss with SMEs
▪ Investigation of natural tracking and expanding technology on mobile environment
- Comparison researches between OpenFOAM and commercial software / Study about Codeaster of open code
▪ To need to verify the performance of open codes compared with commercial softwares
▪ Comparison analysis results of open codes with the results of commercial software in case of some examples
▪ To make the manual and study to use open codes installed in resource integration system self-structured
- Improvement and Construction of resource integration system for M&S consulting
▪ To find and improve supplement points to service and test of the ezSIM
▪ Development of construction and management of the ezSIM for M&S supporting
▪ Installation of developed service contents on the ezSIM
▪ Investigation and improvement of the ezSIM by alpha test
3. Expansion of M&S educational supporting to activate SMEs’ supercomputing
- Implementation of application software based on HPC
▪ User expansion by educations for supercomputing and application softwares targeted SMEs’ researcher and general users
▪ To open the education courses on the first half(3.31~5.9) and the second half(9.15~10.24) about supercomputing and 6 commercial softwares; ANSYS WorkBench, SC/Tetra, CFX, LS-DYNA, SolidWorks, Fluent
- Management of human resource development track for digital manufacturing based on HPC
▪ Regional human resource development by digital manufacturing curriculums in connection with regional university and SMEs
▪ To fulfil the digital manufacturing track consisting of digital modeling and analysis
▪ 3rd year 1st semester: the 1st half DM course(6.20~7.4, KISTI Education Center)
▪ 3rd year 2nd semester: the 2nd half DM course(1.12~1.23, KISTI Education Center)
4. Other Results
- Participation in “Technical Mentoring Project for SMEs” arranged by NST(National Research Council of Science and Technology)
▪ Technical Mentoring Project for SMEs: The customized technical supporting project to SMEs by mentoring teams consisting of experts affiliated the government funded research centers
▪ To support customized knowledges by mentoring teams managed by KISTI
▪ To appoint as 4 mentors for 4 SMEs of 49 SMEs
- Cases study of SMEs’ service based on Web: Simscale Co.
▪ Company suppling simulation service based on HTML5 web environment
▪ To work in a various browsers like Mozila Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc
▪ To learn and use easily by video manuals offered through on-line
▪ Provision of job lists about CAD model management, viewing, meshing and simulation to be needed through whole simulation process
▪ Business model to be charged depending on the assigned resources and simulation types
- Attendance at the 5th IISW(International Industrial Supercomputing Workshop)
▪ Objects: Introduction of M&S technical and environmental support of KISTI
▪ Time & Place: 01.10.14~04.1014, Toyo University, Japan
▪ Outcomes: Status grasp of policy and usage for supporting SMEs of various supercomputing centers; NCSA(USA), HLRS(German), RIKEN(Japan), SARA (Holland), BSC(Spain), OSnet(USA), KTH(Sweden), etc
▪ Discussions about supercomputing application plans for SMEs including cases of Japan(licences, interface, and so on)
- Improvement and construction of the ezSIM for M&S supporting
▪ Grasp and Improvement of supplement points for external service and test of the ezSIM by internal users
▪ Installation of developed M&S contents on the ezSIM for SMEs support
- To hold and manage the Korea-Kazakhstan technology cooperation seminar
▪ Objects: Discussions about activation plans for SMEs supporting
▪ Time & Place: 23.06.14~28.06.14, Astana/Almati, Kazakhstan
▪ Case studies and consultations for SMEs supporting of KISTI with various agencies of Kazakhstan; Nazarbayev University, JSC Astana Innovations, LLP Company, Sustainable Land Development Fund, Institute of Combustion Problem, International IT University
- 3D printer education and prototyping services
▪ Objects: Educations of application and modeling of 3D printers for practical designers and developers
▪ Suggestions of the methods for visualization using new technologies and applications
▪ Provision of Lectures of concepts and examples of 3D printer, practical modeling and samples
- Structure and management of special session on spring meeting of KOTIS(Korea Technology Innovation society)
▪ Object: Papers and discussions about inspection of innovation ecosystem and the role of science and technology field
▪ Time & Place: 16.05.14~17.05.14, The-K Hotel & Resort(Selak), Korea
▪ Organization and management of special session about 3D printing
▪ Speakers and Discussants: I.H. Lee(Chungbuk Univ.), H.C. Kim(Andong Univ.) H.J. Jo(Raon solution Co. ltd), J.W. Hong(KISTI)
M&S; Open Code; Digital Manufacturing; Pre-Processor; Post-Processor
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