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미래 과학기술정보 정책과 전략 연구
Alternative Title
Research of Policy and Strategy on Future Science and Technology Information
이필우박성욱이용호김상국안성수김병규홍원택김은진정도범고미현그외 다수
Alternative Author(s)
Lee, Pil-U; Park, Seong-Uk; Lee, Yong-Ho; Kim, Sang-Guk; An, Seong-Su; Kim, Byeong-Gyu; Hong, Won-Taek; Kim, Eun-Jin; Jeong, Do-Beom; Go, Mi-Hyeon; et al
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 미래창조과학부
funder : KA
agency : 한국과학기술정보연구원
agency : Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
○ 미래대응 연구사업 전략 연구
- 기관발전방향 수립 및 기관종합평가 대응
- 전략적 연구사업 기획 및 기관 주요 연구사업 평가 체제 개발
- 서비스 품질 경쟁력 확보를 위한 기관 고객만족도 통합 관리체계 구축
- 내 • 외부 과학기술전문가 네트워크 구성 및 운영
- 미래부 등 주요기관의 요구에 대한 체계적인 대외대응체제 구축
○ 미래대응 과학기술정보 정책 연구
- 기관 연구사업 외부환경 변화 및 동향 분석
- 기관 차원의 정보정책 현안 분석 및 방안 연구
- 과학기술정보인프라 발전/고도화 기획 연구
- 연구원 관련 법/제도 분석 및 중장기 역할 연구

Ⅳ. Results of the research
○ Development of strategies for future response and research projects
- Developing a plan to promote the reestablishment of the organization's duties for the solution of national pending issues and preemptive response to the demand for changes in roles
- Planning related organizations' policies and discovering programs to respond and support the government's 3.0 Policy in terms of new government operation paradigm
- Planning R&D programs and establishing an assessment system to improve the organization's reputation and strengthen performance analysis functions
- Planning Korean-style manufacture innovation (M&S 4.0) program for national manufacturing industry-based growth and improvement of competitiveness
- Developing Management Performance Plan (2014-2017) for the management advancement and fulfillment of duties
- Searching for an effective development plan through the development of an internal and external science technology expert network
○ Establishment of the research system for future science and technology information policies
- Carrying out policy studies timely for the establishment of reputation as a policy think tank in science technology information
- Holding a policy study forum to analyze and share rapidly changing science technology policies and information environment
- Developing a response system and analyzing current situations against urgent issues which should be handled as soon as possible (development of KISTI innovation strategy, analysis on organizational competitiveness, etc.)
- Analysis on future prediction, planning and mid- & long-term development plan for the development of national science technology information infrastructure and service advancement
정책연구; 연구사업 기획; 연구사업 평가; 고객만족도; olicy Research; Research Program Planning and Evaluation; Customer Satisfaction
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