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기술사업화 정보분석 체제 고도화
Alternative Title
Enhancement of information analysis system for technology commercialization
손종구서진이유영복나도백김경호박현우원동규김기일유선희김유일그외 다수
Alternative Author(s)
Son, Jong-Gu; Seo, Jin-Lee; Yu, Yeong-Bok; Na, Do-Baek; Kim, Gyeong-Ho; Park, Hyeon-U; Won, Dong-Gyu; Kim, Gi-Il; Yu, Seon-Hui; Kim, Yu-Il; et al
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 미래창조과학부
funder : KA
agency : 한국과학기술정보연구원
agency : Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
1. 산업시장 인텔리전스 모델 및 시스템 개발
○ 산업시장분석시스템의 지능화 및 인포그래픽스 도입을 통한 가시화 개선
2. 빅데이터 관계분석 기반의 산업시장 규모예측 모델 연구
○ 빅데이터 관계분석을 기반으로 산업시장의 이상 징후 발견을 통한 신규수요 예측 모델 연구
3. 사례정보 기반 가치평가 모델연구 및 시스템 개발
○ 기술가치평가 지원모듈 및 시장접근법 보완을 위한 시스템 개선
4. 산업시장분석 KISTI Market Report 발간
○ 2014년 60개 주제에 대한 KISTI Market Report 발간 및 보급
5. 유망아이템 발굴 기반 구축 및 시스템 개선
○ 기술사업화 신규 DB 구축 및 NEWS 시스템 정보 분석 모듈의 고도화
6. 기술성장단계별 기술사업화 정보지원 모델 연구
○ 중소기업 성장단계 모형 개발 및 기술사업화 촉진을 위한 정보지원 방안 모색
7. 기술사업화 정보다이나믹스 연구
8. 기술사업화 네트워크 구축 및 정보지원
9. ASTI 기술사업화 정보지원
○ 과학기술정보협의회 소속 유망중소기업을 대상으로 신규유망아이템 발굴 지원
10. 중소기업 기술사업화 글로벌업 전략지원
○ 과학기술정보협의회 소속 유망중소기업을 대상으로 해외시장 진출 지원

Ⅲ. Content and Result of the study
1. Research on the Market Intelligence System(SMART2 system) and Building the database
○ Building the market intelligence database
- 285 electronic data files have newly built
- The database has used 33 times in this year for the market analysis
- Customer satisfaction rate: 90.5
○ Upgrade of the Market Intelligence System(SMART2 system)
- Upgrade of user interface and analysis speed
- Loading the various demanding forecasting modules
2. Research on Supporting System for SME's R&D Innovation Capability
○ Research on Evaluation Framework for SEM's R&D Innovation Cabability
- Development of SME's R&D Innovation Capability Concept by Literature Review
- Case Study on SME's Capability Audit Worldwidely
- Development of SME's R&D Innovation Capability Evaluation Indicator
- Development of Measuring Criteria and Method for SME's R&D Innovation Capability Evaluation
- Performed 6 Case of SME's R&D Innovation Capability Evaluation
3. Research of Technology Valuation Model and its Online System
○ Research of Early-stage Technology Valuation Model
- Patentability Model for Early-stage Technology
- Licensability Model for Early-stage Technology
- Valuation Model for Early-stage Technology
○ Technology Valuation Online System (STAR System)
- Model for Estimating Technology Economical Life Time using Survival Curve
- Platform for Market Approach-based Valution Module with Royalty Payments
○ Technology Transfer of STAR System (10 Institutes, including Universities and Government-funded Research Institutes) and System Education
4. Publication of KISTI Market Reports
○ Selection of report's subjects based upon both bottom-up and top-down methods
○ Publication and continuous spread of KISTI Market Reports
- Publication of 60 subjects (5 subjects per a month)
- Offline spread: 2,500 copies/a month
- Expansion of online spread: ASTI Webpage(
○ Catch of the new business chance
- Customer satisfaction rate: 81.31
- Customer loyalty: 89.1
- Customer recommendation index: 80.1
- 31 customers among 176 respondents responded that they have catched the new business chance from KISTI Market Reports
5. Support of Promising Commercialization Item Discovery
○ Newspaper coverage and accuracy of information gathering to build and enhance the analysis DB
- Improving the technology commercialization environment analysis module analyzes the development of information systems
- Adding the English newspaper articles ; WSJ, NYT
○ System upgraded for improving UI and decreasing response time
- DB is divided into 2 groups ; fast group and normal group
- Fast group is composed 1,000 items whose articles are outnumbered than normal group items
6. Study on Information Providing Model for Technology Commercialization with Technology Growth Stage
○ Development of theoretical models for deriving growth stages and key corporate information
- Practical Steps derived growth-oriented enterprises for local SMEs
: Age, size, revenue, industry, and international markets
- Key information demand, the main issues and difficulties
: Analysing growth stage classification system for local SMEs
- Business Type (innovation, internationalization phase, etc.) information demand characteristics and factors
7. Knowledge and Information Dynamics for the Process of Technology Commercialization
○ Case study
- Conducting case studies about three currently going SMCs to check how the real companies perform technology commercialization and how their tasks sequences and knowledge and information dynamics models are shaped
- Analysing each company's task sequence first, and then extracting knowledge and information flows-based map
- Checking the feasibility of draft version-task sequences and dynamics model also
○ Revised tasks and their sequences for technology commercialization
- Revising draft version-tasks and their sequences according to the feedbacks and results from case study
- Adding another task of 'Preliminary Preparation' ahead the conventional task model
○ Revising knowledge and information dynamics model
- Revising ascending and descending sequence between knowledge and information objects corresponding to the final version-task sequences
○ Revising process model for technology commercialization
- Revising conventional process model based on revised task sequences and revised knowledge and information flows
- Uniquely improved process model for technology commercialization distinguished from the Goldsmith model
8. Establishment of Technology Commericalization Network and Information Providing
○ Management and utilization of technology commercialization expert network based on technology commercialization forums
- Discussion concerning the current state and major issues of technology commercialization to design specific plan for technology commercialization of KISTI by holding 6-time technology commercialization forums (main theme : Next Generation Plan for technology commercialization of KISTI)
- Rearrangement of technology commercialization forum members (addition of ICT field expert members)
9. Technology Commercialization Information Providing to ASTI
○ Proposing new business items to 2 SMEs
○ Discovers a group of promising item candidates throughout a company's capability assessment and technology/industry trend analysis using experts' pool internally and externally
○ Proceeds the business suitability analysis for promising items finally selected, through a screening process to list-up candidates
10. Global Intelligence Support for Technology Commercialization
○ Global Up Strategy is important to SMEs whose aims are to enlarge global market
○ Deduces a model through bench-marking advanced models domestically and internationally
○ Compares and analyzes global technology commercialization programs and successful companies
SME; Information Analysis; Technology; Industry; Commercialization; Global
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