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과학기술콘텐츠 구축 및 유통
Alternative Title
S&T Contents Construction and Service
최희윤김환민최선희김혜선김규석윤화묵김태중이석형윤정선김광영그외 다수
Alternative Author(s)
Choe, Hui-Yun; Kim, Hwan-Min; Choe, Seon-Hui; Kim, Hye-Seon; Kim, Gyu-Seok; Yun, Hwa-Muk; Kim, Tae-Jung; Lee, Seok-Hyeong; Yun, Jeong-Seon; Kim, Gwang-Yeong; et al
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 미래창조과학부
funder : KA
agency : 한국과학기술정보연구원
agency : Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
❍ 핵심 과학기술 전자정보 공동활용체제 구축
- 협력망 기반 핵심 정보자원 개발 및 공동 활용 체제 구축
- 국내외 학술콘텐츠 DB 구축
- 학술지 전자원문 로컬호스팅 및 대국민서비스 권한 확보
- 과학기술 지식베이스 구축 및 활용
- 콘텐츠 관리체계 품질 고도화
❍ 국내 고유 학술콘텐츠 구축 및 유통기반 확대
- 국내 학술정보 개발 및 고도화
- 국내 학술정보 글로벌 유통기반 확대
- 중국 과학기술 학술지 정보가공 및 번역 연구
❍ 과학기술정보 서비스 및 확산
- NDSL 서비스 운영 체제 성숙화
- 과학기술정보 개방·공유체제 강화
- 고객가치 창출과 고객만족도 제고
❍ 차세대 과학기술정보 서비스 시스템 개발
- 과학기술 콘텐츠 고부가가치화를 위한 개체 식별 데이터 구축
❍ 스마트 정보시스템 구축 및 안정적 운영
- 정보서비스를 위한 기반 정보시스템의 안정적 운영
- 정보서비스의 선진화를 위한 클라우드 컴퓨팅 기반의 차세대 정보시스템 구축

Ⅳ. Result of R&D
1. Establishment of the Sharing System for Electronic Information with Core S&T
1) Implementation of Collaborative Core Information Resource & Construction of Co-Utilization
❍ Operating KESLI
- Organizing KESLI
- KESLI Operation Committee organizing and Condition negotiation, KISTI-KERIS Consortium Collaboration, Management of the relations between the goverment and relevant organizations
- Operating KESLI
• 139 Consortia, 615 universities/research centers/corporations(10% increased)
• Promotion & training programs of partipating institutions in KESLI consortium
• Developing and Applying KESLI standard contract
• Operating KIaaS(KESLI Infrastructure as a Service)
- Development of Digital information resource for digital preservation and strategic use
• Maintaining policies of Information resource development and KESLI operation
• Establishment of Selection Criteria of Digital information resources
❍ Collection & service of electronic information usage statistics
- Collecting electronic information usage statistics of participating institutions in KESLI consortium
- Improving automatic collection functions of usage statistics information system
• Development of Manual collecting usage statistics data upload
• Development of SUSHI & Open API
2) Construction of Scholarly Content DB
❍ Construction of 95% of Scholarly content DB
❍ Construction of meta DB & high value-added content linked
- Article meta, volume, DOI, URL, SCI(E) & NRF, SCOPUS
❍ Publishing National scholarly information report 2014, Constructing publisher statistics service, Supporting article management system
3) Local Hosting Service of Scholarly e-Documents
❍ 6,384 Overseas Journals, e-Documents 11,000,000
❍ Developing an e-Document loader & Loading e-Documents
4) Construction and Utilization of S&T Knowledge based
❍ Construction & promotion of S&T knowledge based
- Construction of S&T authority data of authors, organizations & scholarly journals
- Improvement of S&T authority management system
5) Improvement of Data Quality in Content Management System
❍ Obtained DQC-M 2 Level(effectiveness) certification
❍ Obtained two DB Quality certifications from KoDB
2. Construction of Domestic Scholarly Content & Scaling Up of Service Infrastructure
1) Reorganization of Society Infomatization Support
❍ Agreement with societies & securing of right of transmission
- Agreement 32 societies in 2014(total 593 societies)
- Societies' s homepage maintenance : 202 societies
2) Construction & Enhancement of Domestic Scholarly Content
❍ Construction of domestic scholarly articles metadata & full-text DB
- Domestic scholarly content construction ratio 77.8% (927 species)
- Collection of journals : 693 societies, 5,110 issues
- Newly constructed bibliography and full-text DB : 56,681 records
❍ Construction of domestic scholarly reference DB
- Construction of KSCI : 654
- Societies participated in CrossRef/DOI : 421 journal titles, 606,8411 references
❍ Publishing the KJCR & service for the KSCI in 2013
❍ Renewal of KSCD DQC-V Platinum certification
3) Global Distribution of Domestic Scholarly Content
❍ Expansion of using DOI
- DOI : 55 societies, 72 journals, DOI registration to CrossRef : 33,524 articles
- Cited-by linking : 130,961 Citation
❍ DOI report & promotional materials
4) Improvement of KPubS Platform and its Proliferation
❍ Improvement of KPubS’s functionalities considering international level
- Development of scholarly content aggregation & production function
- Addition of new article service page
- Enhancement of user utilization and security
❍ Application Proliferation of KPubS
- Addition of (new) 11 academic journal
- Hosting journal editors seminars
5) JISTaP Publication and its Outcome Diffusion
❍ Revision of JISTaP homepage and ACOMS 4.0 system
❍ Applying for memberships for the related Index DB and organizations
❍ Drawing up the code of publication ethnics
6) Development of Chinese Core S&T Information and its Service
❍ Collection & translation of Chinese core S&T research articles
❍ Collection & translation of Chinese S&T research report
❍ Strengthening management of Chinese-Korean translation
7) KISTI' s Information Resources Center Management
❍ Development & management of KISTI’s information resource
- Domestic core information resource : purchase 2,523 books and 1,233 journals
- Book rental 3,367 cases, and book return 3,349
- Issuance of 191 ISBN
❍ Property survey & calculation of internal information resources
❍ Revision of resource management code
❍ Survey of service satisfaction of electronic resource subscription
❍ KISTI repository pilot construction: collecting 766 electronic documents
3. Service & Expansion of S&T Information
1) NDSL Service Operation & Enhancement
❍ Stable operation of NDSL service
- Development of information protection system
- NDSL DB construction and improvement of content quality
- SLA eva luation of NDSL service operation
- Improvement of service performance by collaboration system
❍ NDSLQual assessment & improvement of web accessibility
- NDSLQual 81.3
❍ Improvement of NDSL' s search performance
- High performance engine replacement
- Improvement of NDSL' s search and indexing performance
❍ Operation of contents service' s master
- Management of DQCM Process
- NDSL Contents Value Evaluation
❍ Operaion of Additional Service
- Trend knowledge portal ' ICON' of information services
- Issues&NDSL and Operation of the Related Blog
- KISTI' s ' Science Scent'
2) Open Service & Sharing for S&T Information
❍ Advanced NDSL open service
- NDSL open service enhancing
• NOS using 105 organizations
• Increased use of NOS
- Improvement of NDSL open service
• Improved NOS homepage renewal
• Open data expansion: LOD(Linked Open Data) etc
- Customer satisfaction of NDSL open service
• NOS customer satisfaction : PCSI 81.7
• IPA analysis of the NOS
• Research on the user needs for the KISTI’s open data
• Using NOS : 10 cases & customer support activities
❍ Development & Supply of Knowledge platform
- Implementation of Direction & concept for knowledge platform
- Development & supply of Knowledge platform
❍ Related task linked for sharing & opening
3) Customer Value Creation & Customer Satisfaction Improvement
❍ Improving customer satisfaction
- Assessing customer satisfaction
❍ Research of the core users and services
- 2013 NDSL usage data analysis
- Analysis on the usage patterns of contents
❍ VOC collection process
- Operating VOC system
• Improving VCMS function
• On-line quality assesment monitoring
- Operating customer center & VOC
❍ Communication channel of customer satisfaction
- Information resource sharing expert forum
- NDSL user training
- Future research information forum 2014 & knowledge creative award
4. The Next Generation of S&T Information Service System Development
1) Build object identification data for the S&T value-added content
❍ S&T contents(author, organization, terminology, classification, citation) identification for linked data
❍ Variety analysis services of identified data-based and prototype development
❍ S&T content identification data construction rate: 100% achieved
❍ Constructed terminology data(author of domestic articles, research reports): 415,802 cases
5. Implementation & Stable Operation of Smart Information System
1) Stable Operation of Smart Information System for Information Service
❍ Information system technology & resource allocation : 480/year
❍ Improvement of information user satisfaction
❍ Information service homepage management
2) Construction of Cloud Computing Next Generation Information System (~14.6.)
과학기술정보; 정보자원; 학술 콘텐츠; 스마트 정보시스템
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