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국가 슈퍼컴퓨팅 서비스 개발 및 기술연구
Alternative Title
National Supercomputing Technology Development and Research
조금원변옥환이종숙이식이홍석정영균조기현황순욱강효진곽재혁그외 다수
Alternative Author(s)
Jo, Geum-Won; Byeon, Ok-Hwan; Lee, Jong-Suk; Lee, Sik; Lee, Hong-Seok; Jeong, Yeong-Gyun; Jo, Gi-Hyeon; Hwang, Sun-Uk; Gang, Hyo-Jin; Gwak, Jae-Hyeok; et al
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 미래창조과학부
funder : KA
agency : 한국과학기술정보연구원
agency : Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
□ 사업의 목표: 세계 수준의 슈퍼컴퓨팅 R&D․시범서비스 도출 및 독자 연구개발 역량 확보
□ 주요사업 내용
○ 엑사스케일을 위한 시스템 기술 및 활용 연구
- 국가차원 HTC 서비스 기술 완성 및 글로벌 인프라 연동 활용 확대
- 엑사스케일을 위한 슈퍼컴퓨팅 핵심기술: 고성능 I/O 처리기술 선행연구 수행
○ 고성능 컴퓨팅 클라우드 기술 개발
- 컴퓨팅 클라우드 관리 및 클라우드 인프라 연동 통합 작업관리 기술 개발
- 고성능 병렬처리를 위한 분산 스토리지 시스템 기술 개발
○ 한국형 신종 감염병 조기 대응 시스템 기술 개발
- 독감바이러스 원인체 규명을 위한 통합분석시스템 원형개발
- 감염병 확산 시뮬레이션을 위한 공공데이터 활용연구
○ 비주얼 슈퍼컴퓨팅 기술개발 및 적용
- 대용량 데이터 가시화 기술 개발
- 비주얼슈퍼컴퓨팅 기술 프레임 워크 설계 및 개발
○ 국가 슈퍼컴퓨팅 전문인력 양성 및 교육훈련
- 국가 차원의 교육 추진체계 마련 및 슈퍼컴퓨팅 활용인력 양성, 교재 개발
- 선도인력 양성용 응용연구
○ 슈퍼컴퓨팅 활용기술 연구
- 멀티스케일 모델링 개발 및 슈퍼컴퓨팅 활용연구

Ⅳ. Result of the study
ㅇ Development of system technology for exascale and its applications
- Development of Many Task Computing Technology
• Development of HTCaaS scout for profiling grid resource
• Development of Federated Cloud
- Development and application of exascale system technology
• Deduce the direction of further research
• Develop the large amount data transfer method by international collaboration and apply it to the tokamak plasma analysis research.
- High performance distributed computing applications
• Improve HTCaaS based on PLSI
• Support its applications including Bio insilico experiment, HEP and hadron collider experiments.
• Improve metadata catalogue AMGA and user support.
• Develop Bell II data handling system
• Geant4 R&D and application research
- Research based on supercomputing
• Development of core modules in LAMMPS-based multi-scale modeling (algorithm for the boundary communications in MD+SRD)
ㅇ Research and Development of High Performance Computing Cloud Technologies
- Development of resources and jobs management technologies which incorporate virtual machine based computing cloud resources
• Architectural design and implementation of advanced heterogeneous computing resources and jobs management framework
• Research and development of technologies which minimize virtual machine image creation time and increase the performance of file I/O on virtual machines
• Research and development of technologies which allocate and schedule both virtual machines and simulation jobs dynamically considering network resource contention
• Development of Web standard based RESTful OpenAPIs for Cluster-On-Demand, Cluster-Extension, and Cloud Auto-Scaling services
• Development of cloud service scenarios on requests and SCLOUD (Scalable-Cloud) technology
• Design and implementation of general SCLOUD elastic resource driver which incorporates onto various physical cluster and application environments (e.g., SLURM, HTCondor, Hadoop, etc.)
• Development of SCLOUD CLI tools
- Development of a distributed storage system for high performance parallel applications
• Development of high performance meta-data lookup technology
∎ Proof-of-concept development of searchable file system using file extended attributes
∎ Architectural design for rapid processing using auto-shaded large-scale meta-data
∎ Development of fast and powerful meta-data Search/Management APIs
• Development of Metadata Importer for automating file provenance management
∎ Development of application-specific plug-in modules for user-defined meta-data extractions
∎ Development of application-specific plug-in auto-execution modules
∎ Development of large-scale data management framework based on high-performance meta-data lookup technology
ㅇ Application of bulk public informations for developing simulation protocol of infectious disease spreading in Korea
- High-performance, high-capacity computing resources based on user requirements linked to influenza genome analysis automation platform development (domestic patent 2, program registration 2, SCI journal publication)
- Construction database on integrated public data for epidemic simulation (
- Supercomputer based international organization, the Korea-US joint research team to build the analytical system and perform a full analysis research in cancer (SCI journal publication)
- Host 2 education courses, and 6 media announcement.
ㅇ Development and application of the visual super computing technology
- Development of large data visualization technology
• Achieved 1.9 times better suability and 48% higher performance than the only commercial visualization SW supporting distributed/parallel visualization in the thermal fluid field
• Achieved 16 times better stability compared with one of the world class visualization tools, VisIt
• Achieved from 2.28 to 45.9 times higher performance than Ensight (a commercial visualization SW)
• For practical use, the developed system was released on the EDISON CFD community
• Our visualization system won the 2nd place (i.e. golden award) from the international military technology contest and it demonstrates the outstanding features and benefits of the results of the study
- Design and development of visual super computing technology frame work
• Designed technical framework for the target application that was figured out from the survey of technical needs on visual super computing
• Developed the steering technology that can start a simulation, stop the simulation, and restart the simulation in the unified visual super computing environment
• Achieved 70% automation rate for the grid construction in pre-processing
• Achieved 30% performance improvement on interpretation by porting a part of CPU code to GPU code
• With the optimization for parallel post-processing visualization, it shows less than 2 seconds response time and achieved more than 40 frames/sec rendering performance
Computational Science and Engineering; Supercomputing Technology; Exascale System; Bulk public information for developing simulation protocol of infectious disease; Visualization Technology
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