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기술사업화 정보분석 체제 구축
Alternative Title
Building of information analysis system for technology commercialization
Alternative Author(s)
Son, Jong-Gu; Seo, Jin-Lee; Yu, Yeong-Bok; Kim, Gyeong-Ho; Park, Hyeon-U; Na, Do-Baek; Won, Dong-Gyu; Kim, Gi-Il; Yu, Seon-Hui; Lee, Ho-Sin; Kim, Yu-Il; Jeon, Seung-Pyo; Kim, Sang-Guk; Gwon, Lee-Nam; Park, Seon-Yeong; Park, Do-Hyeong; Jeong, Jae-Hun; Kim, Geun-Hwan; Im, Jong-Yeon; Gang, Jeong-Ho; Lee, Hyeon; Seong, Tae-Eung; Yu, Hyeong-Seon; Seo, Ju-Hwan; Kim, Ji-Hui; Hwang, Ji-Na; Lee, Min-Hui; Mun, Yeong-Jo; Kim, Da-Seul; Choe, Yun-Jeong; Kim, Jae-U; Kim, Chan-Ho; Park, Chang-Geol; Bae, Guk-Jin; Im, Dae-Hyeon; Lee, Jong-Taek; Park, Yeong-Uk; Kim, Han-Guk; No, Hyeon-Suk; Choe, Bung-Gi; Hong, Dong-Suk; Kim, Seong-Jin; Gu, Suk-Hui; Kim, Seon-Jae; Do, Yun-Hui
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 미래창조과학부
funder : KA
agency : 한국과학기술정보연구원
agency : Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
1. 지능형 산업시장 정보분석 자원 개발
○ 지능형 산업시장 정보분석 자원의 최신성 확보 기반 마련
2. 빅데이터 분석기반의 산업시장 수요예측모델 연구
○ 산업시장의 이상 징후 발견을 통한 신규수요 예측 모델 연구
3. 시장접근법 기반 기술가치 평가모델 연구 및 시스템 개발
○ 시장접근법 기반의 거래사례비교(sales transaction comparison) 모형 개선
4. 산업시장분석 KISTI Market Report 발간
○ 2013년 51개 주제에 대한 KISTI Market Report 발간 및 보급
5. 시장기회분석리포트/유망아이템분석리포트 발간
○ 2013년 28개 주제에 대한 정보분석보고서 발간 및 보급
6. 미래유망기술세미나 기획 및 개최
○ 창조경제 실현에 초점을 맞춘 Contents 구성(주제 : 창조경제와 미래기술)
7. 기술사업화 Advisory Group 운영 및 지식생태계 네트워크 기반 구축
○ 기술사업화 포럼 7회 개최를 통해 창조경제 시대의 기술사업화 이슈 및 현황 공유
8. 유망아이템 발굴 프로세스 연구
○ 유망아이템 발굴 지원 사업 기 수행 기업을 대상으로 실태 추적조사 실시
9. ASTI 유망아이템 발굴 및 중소기업 기술사업화 글로벌업 전략 지원
○ 과학기술정보협의회 소속 유망중소기업 10개를 대상으로 신규유망아이템 발굴과 해외시장 진출 지원
10. 사회혁신형 유망아이템 발굴지원 기획
○ 기술주도형 사회적 기업을 체계적으로 발굴, 육성하기 위한 프레임과 프로세스를 제안

Ⅲ. Content and Result of the study
1. Publication of KISTI Market Reports
○ Selection of report's subjects based upon both bottom-up and top-down methods
○ Publication and continuous spread of KISTI Market Reports
- Publication of 60 subjects (5 subjects per a month)
- Offline spread: 2,500 copies/a month
- Expansion of online spread: ASTI Webpage(
○ Catch of the new business chance
- Customer satisfaction rate: 81.31
- Customer loyalty: 89.1
- Customer recommendation index: 80.1
- 31 customers among 176 respondents responded that they have catched the new business chance from KISTI Market Reports
2. Research on the Market Intelligence System(SMART2 system) and Building the database
○ Building the market intelligence database
- 285 electronic data files have newly built
- The database has used 33 times in this year for the market analysis
- Customer satisfaction rate: 90.5
○ Upgrade of the Market Intelligence System(SMART2 system)
- Upgrade of user interface and analysis speed
- Loading the various demanding forecasting modules
3. Research on Supporting System for SME's R&D Innovation Capability
○ Research on Evaluation Framework for SEM's R&D Innovation Cabability
- Development of SME's R&D Innovation Capability Concept by Literature Review
- Case Study on SME's Capability Audit Worldwidely
- Development of SME's R&D Innovation Capability Evaluation Indicator
- Development of Measuring Criteria and Method for SME's R&D Innovation Capability Evaluation
- Performed 6 Case of SME's R&D Innovation Capability Evaluation
4. Research of Technology Valuation Model and its Online System
○ Research of Early-stage Technology Valuation Model
- Patentability Model for Early-stage Technology
- Licensability Model for Early-stage Technology
- Valuation Model for Early-stage Technology
○ Technology Valuation Online System (STAR System)
- Model for Estimating Technology Economical Life Time using Survival Curve
- Platform for Market Approach-based Valution Module with Royalty Payments ○ Technology Transfer of STAR System (10 Institutes, including Universities and Government-funded Research Institutes) and System Education
5. Establishment of Technology Commercialization Advisory Group and Knowledge Ecosystem Network Platform
○ Main issues of technology commercialization and building-up of related expert network
- Analysis of current state of technology commercialization support for SMEs in Korea
- Interviews with staff members in charges at Innobiz Association, Korea Venture Business Association(KOVA), Korea Small Business Institute(KSBI)
- Study for methodology of monitoring technology commercialization related issues
- Selection and expansion of technology commercialization forum members(expanded upto 22 members from 17 in 2012)
○ Management and utilization of technology commercialization ecosystem network based on expert network
- Discussion concerning the current state and major issues of technology commercialization at Creative Economy Age, holding 7-time technology commercialization forums(main theme : Creative Economy and Technology Commercialization of KISTI)
- Support of ASTI companies for idea generation of new commercialization items, with technology commercialization forum members
- Supporting 22 SMEs for technology commercialization, through Evangelist forums
6. Study on Emerging Commercialization Item Discovering Process
○ Establishing the Framework of Technology Commercialization Information System
- Establishing the Infrastructure of Emerging Commercialization Item Discovering
Process by the Industry/Firm Size/Commcercialization Stage Type of SMEs
○ New, Efficient and Specialized Promising Commercialization Item Discovering Method which includes Methodology to Resolve Needs and Difficulties of SMEs is Needed to Maximize Outcomes of Research Project, Because SMEs Have Various Difficulties to Divcover for New Commercialization Item by Industry/Firm Size/Commcercialization Stage Type of SMEs.
○ Implementation Strategies and Method
7. Planning for the formulation of technology based social innovation business item
○ The National Benefit Promotion Policy attempts to address various social issues by promoting technology based businesses formulated to achieve social innovations for mitigating the problems faced by the socially marginalized. The socially marginalized are mostly those who have little or no purchasing power.
- It makes even more difficult for any business items formulated to cope with their problems to sustain in the market. In order to understand the process of formulating successful business items for the socially marginalized, we survey extensively on existing domestic as well as international cases of successes and failures.
- Due to the obvious nature of the social innovation, the various parties such as executive bodies and congresses at the national as well as local government levels, NGO's and other public agencies, nonprofit, social and private enterprises must work together to ensure the successful implementation of the business items for the social innovation.
- It is quite important to have a framework and process useful for expediting the collaboration among all such variety of parties involved.
○ The purpose of this study is to find a systematic way to formulate technology based social innovation business items designed for the socially marginalized.
8. Searching for emerging items and exploring the new market for SMEs
○ Supporting SMEs belong to ASTI by proposing new business items
- Proposing new business items to 2 SMEs - Jeil Chemical Corp. and Topes
- Discovers a group of promising item candidates throughout a company's capability assessment and technology/industry trend analysis using experts' pool internally and externally
- Proceeds the business suitability analysis for promising items finally selected, through a screening process to list-up candidates
○ Exploring the new market for SMEs
- Global Up Strategy is important to SMEs whose aims are to enlarge global market
- Deduces a model through bench-marking advanced models domestically and internationally
- Compares and analyzes global technology commercialization programs and successful companies
9. Development of Promising Item Discovery Support System
○ Promotes a system development based on the model of promising item discovery support
- Establishes a collaboration with external system development companies specialized
○ Newspaper coverage and accuracy of information gathering to build and enhance the analysis DB
- Improving the technology commercialization environment analysis module analyzes the development of information systems
SME; Information Analysis; Technology; Industry; Commercialization; Global
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