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슈퍼컴퓨팅 서비스 기반 첨단연구망 구축/운영 및 서비스 고도화
Alternative Title
Building and Operating KREONET/GLORIAD-KR and advancement of Service based on Supercomputing Service
Alternative Author(s)
Lee, Hyeok-Ro; Kim, Seung-Hae; Go, Gwang-Seop; Kim, Gwang-Ho; Park, Byeong-Yeon; No, Min-Gi; Kim, Dong-Gyun; Lee, Won-Hyeok; Jo, Bu-Seung; Park, Jin-Hyeong; Jo, Jin-O; Jo, Hyeon-Hun; Lee, Gyeong-Min; Gong, Jeong-Uk; Gwak, Jae-Seung; Seok, U-Jin; Mun, Jeong-Hun; Jo, Jin-Yong; Gwon, Yun-Ju; Lee, So-Yeon; Lee, Min-Seon
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 미래창조과학부
funder : KA
agency : 한국과학기술정보연구원
agency : Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
□ 지능형 첨단 연구망 구축 및 서비스 체계 고도화
◦첨단연구망 설계 및 구축
◦첨단연구망 운영 및 안정화
◦서비스 운영 및 활용 강화
◦통합형 첨단연구지원
◦연구망 홍보 및 성과확산
□ 차세대 글로벌과학기술협업연구망 구축 및 서비스 체계 고도화
◦차세대 글로벌 과학기술협업연구망 설계 및 구축
◦글로벌과학기술협업연구망 운영
◦글로벌과학기술협업연구망 서비스개발
◦차세대 네트워크 엔지니어링 기술 연구 지원
◦글로벌 연구망 협업커뮤니티지원
□ 사용자 기반 연구망 플랫폼 서비스 개발 및 적용
◦첨단 응용 연구 지원을 위한 사용자 정의 네트워크 기술개발
◦연구망 테스트베드 플랫폼 개발 및 서비스

Ⅰ. Necessity of Research
○To build a cyber research environment recognized as future research environment needs cyber infrastructure and KREONET is the core element of cyber infrastructure
○ It's necessary to build a cyber infrastructure to enhance nation's future competitiveness of science and technology and Group of Advanced research networks such as US, Europe, Canada, and Japan etc. proceed the investment at national level
○ As expensive advanced science and technology research equipment is connected through a high-perfomance research network, KREONET provides the collaborative environment of a large-scale advanced research
○ KREONET is enable to conduct joint and collaborative research with leading world-class research institutions and creates added value by converge research networks and variable high-tech industries across industries
Ⅱ. The Goals and Contents of Research
A. Final goals of research
- Design of Intelligent KREONET Architecture and Building KREONET Service System
- Development of network platform for upgrading a KREONET Service
B. Contents of research
◦Building and operating the domestic and international R&D research network
- Expanding KREONET backbone infrastructure
- Design, construction, operation and engineering of the KREONET
- Design, construction, operation and engineering of the GLORIAD and new network design
- Support research network user and strengthen the service system
◦Service advancement of KREONET
- OSCARS based on Intelligent DCN(Dynamic Circuit Network) service construction
- Building of eduroam Korea service
- Service of KREONET performance monitoring(perfSONAR infrastructure)
- Design and construction of sinknet for Clean-KREONET
- Future Internet technology research and international demonstration
◦Excellent research support using KREONET/GLORIAD
- Support KREONET collaborative research
- Activation of KREONET
III. Conclusion and Application Plans
◦Increasing efficiency of national resources utilization due to inducting activation as a local core center
◦Upgrading KRLight - one of the international lambda exchange nodes - as a core hub of asia, serving research network resource on a international level
◦Designing future research network and operation technology(distributed virtualized operation cooperation system, enhancement of collaborating operation technology), propagating future network engineering technology
◦Securing a world-class technologies in the field of logic network service by establishing KREONET service support system through building and operating technique of L1/L2 VPN base on logic research network specialized in the field of e-KVN, medical, high-energy physics, weather/climate, etc.
◦5Originally, the effective usage of distributed scientific technologies was restricted. However, it is possible that integrated service support is able to apply on applied research with OptIPuter, SDSS, HEP and so on.
◦Securing next generation network design technologies by design and test the next generation and intelligent network
◦Discover new field of high-end applied research by allocating bandwidth to users or researchers in time, thereby we can revitalize the scientific research network as well as expand cooperative work with global researchers.
◦Securing latest technologies through activities of international research network communities like APAN, GLORIAD, GLIF, etc.
◦Improving a international collaborative research utilization for solving huge challenges requiring High-bandwidth(10Gbps) such a hign-energy physics, astronomy, etc.
KREONET; GLORIAD; Advanced Collaborative Research Support; OSCARS; eduroam; Performance Monitoring; Future Internet Research
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