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기후변화 대응 문화유산특화기술(CHT) 기획연구
Alternative Title
Cultural Heritage Technology Strategy Plan Responding to Climate Change
Alternative Author(s)
Won, Dong-Gyu; Son, Jong-Gu; Im, Jong-Yeon; Yu, Hyeong-Seon; Park, Seon-Yeong; Gang, Jeong-Ho
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 문화재청
agency : 한국과학기술정보연구원
agency : Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
본 연구는 전 지구적 차원의 기후변화 진행에 의한 문화유산의 위험도가 증가 되고 있는 현실을 반영하여 종합적인 기후변화 대응 문화유산기술 R&D중장기 계획(2013-2023)을 수립하였다.
본 보고서에서는 기후변화 대응 문화유산기술(CHT)을 기후변화에 의한 문화유산의 열화 현상을 진단⋅치유⋅예방하며, 원상상태로의 복구를 돕는 융합기술이라고 정의하였다. 전략적 비전으로는 “기후변화대응 신기술개발을 통한 문화유산 보존효과 증대”로 설정하였으며, 이에 따른 다음과 같은 추진전략을 제시하였다.
1. 기후변화 대응 문화유산 R&D시스템 구축
2. 학제적 융합시스템 구축
3. 문화유산 R&D연계강화지원체제 구축
특히 재질별 치유방법별 문화유산 기술 로드맵을 제시함으로서, 실질적인 기후변화 대응한 기술개발체제구축이 가능하도록 제안하였다.

Climate change over the next 100 years will likely have a range of direct and indirect effects on the natural and material environment, including the historic built environment. Important changes will include alterations in temperature, precipitation, extreme climatic events, soil conditions, ground water and sea level. Some processes of building decay will be accelerated or worsened by climate change, while others will be delayed. This report present cultural heritage technology R&D plan(2013-2022) responding to climate change to develop mitigation and adaptation strategies for historic buildings, sites, monuments and materials that are likely to be worst affected by climate change effects and associated disasters. In this report, cultural heritage technology (CHT) was defined as fusion technology to diagnose, treat and prevent degradation of cultural heritage due to the climate change. Strategic vision was set as "Increasing the cultural heritage preservation effect through development of new technologies responding to climate change ".
This plan proposed the following strategies.
1. Development of cultural heritage technology R&D system responding to climate change
2. Development of interdisciplinary fusion system for CHT
3. Strengthening CHT R&D support system in conjunction
기후변화; 문화유산 특화기술; R&D 로드맵; Climate Change; Cultural Heritage Technology; R&D Roadmap
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