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NDSL-NTIS 연계·종합서비스 인프라 구축
Alternative Title
Construction of NDSL-NTIS Interconnected¡¤Integrated Service Infrastructure
Alternative Author(s)
Son, Gang-Ryeol; Kim, Jae-Su; Lee, Byeong-Hui; Lee, Jun; Im, Cheol-Su; Yun, Yeong-Jun; Kim, Tae-Hyeon; Gwon, Lee-Nam; Song, In-Seok; Lee, Seok-Hyeong; Jeon, Seong-Jin; Kim, Byeong-Gyu; Han, Seon-Hwa; Sin, Gi-Jeong; Kim, Pyeong; Kim, Gyu-Seok; Sin, Yeong-Ho; Han, Seong-Geun; Lee, Seung-U; Kim, Jin-Man; Han, Seung-U
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 교육과학기술부
agency : 한국과학기술정보연구원
agency : Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Ⅲ. 연구개발의 내용 및 범위
○ R&D분야
- NDSL과 NTIS 연계를 통한 고부가가치 융·복합 서비스 기획
- 국가R&D 프로세스별 이용자의 활동사항을 수집·분석하여 국가R&D
전주기 의사결정지원하기 위한 측정 지표 기획
○ Service 분야
- NDSL과 NTIS 정보간의 통합 네비게이션 서비스
- 여성과학기술 확보 및 최신성이 유지되는 여성과학기술 평가인력 서비스
○ 기반․인프라 분야
- NTIS-NDSL 의미기반 연계체제구축 운영
- 국가R&D정보 공동활용의 연구개발 효율성 측정 지표 개발
- 여성과학기술 평가인력 DB 구축 및 현행화

Ⅲ. Scope and Contents of the Research
○ R&D
- Planning for high value-added fusion service through linkage between NDSL and NTIS.
- Planning for measurement indices to support decision-making throughout all national R&D periods by collection and analysis of the activities by users per R&D process.
○ Service
- Integrated navigation service between NDSL and NTIS information
- Maintaining and updating the existing evaluation committee pool of women scientists and engineers could activate the utilization of women-power as well as facilitate information exchange among these women in science and engineering
○ Infrastructure
- Construction and operation of the linked system based on NTIS-NDSL semantics
- Development of measurement Indicators for R&D efficiency with the common utilization of national R&D information
- Construction and Updating of an evaluation committee DB of women scientists and engineers
integrated service; semantic based service; indicator development
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