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유망사업발굴 및 사업화 정보지원체제 구축
Alternative Title
Establishing of Promising Business Discovering and Commercializing Information Support System
Alternative Author(s)
Han, Hyeok; Kim, Eun-Seon; Kim, Jae-U; Lee, Jun-U; Bae, Guk-Jin; Han, Hyeok; Park, Jin-Seo; Im, Dae-Hyeon; Kim, Han-Gi; No, Hyeon-Suk; Choe, Yun-Jeong; Seong, Tae-Eung; Kim, Jae-Seong; Hong, Dong-Suk; Jang, Jong-Mun; Eo, Jin-Won; Sin, Yun-Hui; Kim, Seon-Jae
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 교육과학기술부
agency : 기초기술연구회
○ 역동적인 환경변화에 맞춰 기업이 지속가능한 글로벌 경쟁우위를 갖기 위한 신규 기술사업화 유망아이템 발굴, 해외시장 개척/진출을 위한 분석정보 제공 등 종합적인 인텔리전스 지원체제 구축으로 중소기업 성장의 토대를 마련하고, 이를 바탕으로 중소기업의 국내외 경쟁력을 향상시키는 것이 필요함.
○ 글로벌 사업화아이템 발굴 및 기술사업화분석업무의 효율성 증대를 위해 유망사업화아이템 풀링시스템을 개발하여 유망사업화아이템후보군 탐색 및 기술시장조사 소요시간을 단축시켰으며, 리스트업된 유망사업화아이템후보군들과 관련하여 수집된 정보를 다양한 기준을 적용하여 유망성을 판단할 수 있도록 관련 정보를 효과적으로 제시하였음. 또한, 유망사업화아이템 풀링방법론을 기반으로 유망사업화아이템 풀링시스템의 효율성 및 효용성을 제고하였음.
○ 글로벌 사업화 성공 가능성이 높은 기업을 효율적으로 발굴할 수 있도록 글로벌 혁신역량진단모형을 개발하였고, 나아가 역량모형 진단 및 평가 이후 기업의 부족한 역량에 대한 지원정책 및 개선방안을 제시함. 글로벌 기술사업화 인텔리전스 정보지원프로그램은 향후 중소기업 기술사업화 정보 분석 서비스 제공과 연계되어 궁극적으로 중소기업 기술사업화 기획 담당자들의 정보획득을 포함한 사업화기획시간 및 비용을 절감하여 전략적 R&D기획 및 성공적인 시장진입에 기여할 것으로 기대됨.

1. Objective of the Study
○ Vitalizing and Strengthening Infrasturcture of Science Industrialization
- Creating Best One, Only One Practice in Technology Commercialization field
- Establishing Support Infrastructure for Vitalizing of Global Technology Commercialization
2. Necessity of the Study
○ Phenomenon of domestic market competition resulted in reduced revenue growth of domestic enterprises comparing with export enterprises due to lower sales growth. In particular, this phenomenon even more has been shown in recent years.
- Company's compressed growth through pioneering a overseas markets might be considered as a means to actively respond to this envrionment
○ Current globalization of domestic companieshas evolved into a different aspect according to company size, despite appropriateness of the globalization of domestic companies drawn from the above context
- Domestic enterprises in Korea to develop overseas market early as an alternative to the narrow domestic market, many companies currently has a growing global company.
- Currently about 60% in the case of SMEs firms are companies that do not export at all and only about 5% are companies that has export sales of more than 40% share, so most SMEs has to keep the business mostly based on the domestic one.
○ Among major causes of slowly progressing globalization, a lack of global technology and market information is identified as the biggest bottleneck to promote globalization.
- SMEs themselves point out as the biggest hurdles, the lack of technology and market information to push forward global business.
○ In this context, to alleviate the problem of lack of information is the first-priority thing for globalization of SMEs in Korea, so to solve this problem it is needed to service information specialized to support globalization of SMEs
○ The majority of domestic firms(55.6%) consider the future of their industry is very skeptical and a fair number of firms have insufficient preparedness for the future.
- In particular, according to the survey SMEs have more pessimistic view (81.8%) compared with large companies for future growth and profitability of its products, so it is urgently required to secure future growth engines for the discovering of new promising business areas
○ As mentioned absence of domestic SMEs's future growth engine can be treated in the public domain because of problems hindering sustainable growth of SMEs.
- It is required permanent information support system for discovering new promising business item(ex. service utilizing a promising item pooling system, etc) to hedge the risks of Sustainable growth and business diversification of SMEs. and responding service to needs of individual companies to create successful case of SMEs's future growth engine
Discovering Promising Business Items; Global Technology Commercialization; Information Analysis; Intelligence Information Support
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