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지식정보의 조사·분석·평가체제 연구
Alternative Title
A Study on the Survey, Analysis and Evaluation of Knowledge & Information
Alternative Author(s)
Mun, Yeong-Ho; Bae, Guk-Jin; Lee, Jun-Yeong; Park, Jin-Seo
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 국무조정실
agency : 국무조정실
국내 과학기술자를 대상으로 정보 수요조사를 수행하여, 국내 최초로 과학기술자 전반의 정보이용행태, 지식정보서비스 시장의 market share, 지식정보의 주요 활용 목적별 분포 등을 파악하여 정보자원 서비스의 목표설정 및 이용자의 요구도 제시 ?만족도 조사를 통해 만족도 제고 전략을 수립하고 이를 KISTI 연구사업 개선에 반영?정보서비스 이용효과를 조사하여 KISTI 정보를 이용한 경제적·학술적 가치를 산출, 정보유형별 이용자 요구도 분석 ?KISTI 연구사업에 대한 모니터링 체제를 확립하고 연구사업의 효율성 및 성과 극대화를 지원

III. Content and scope of the study
○ Survey on knowledge & Information activities in scientific and technological areas
- To analyze usage behavior, distributions of usage goals and service market
- To study customer's Satisfication in KISTI information services.

○ research and programs
- To build KMBO(KISTI Management by objective) framework
- To apply KMBO to monitoring and feedback on KISTI research and programs in latter half of 2002

○ Evaluation of research and services in scientific and technological information
- To develop screening techniques for project selection and evaluation indicators & frameworks for research performance
- To analyze value-creation effect by various knowledge & information usage, and to draw a value-map by the goal of information usage

○ Support for governmental performance evaluation for GSRI(Government Supported Research Institutes)
- To support establishment of evaluation framework about intra-research programs, development of evaluation indicators by research stages, and improvement in productivity and efficiency of intra-research programs
지식; 정보; 수요; 만족도; 모니터링; knowledge; information; demand; Satisfication; monitoring
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