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중소기업 신기술 사업성 평가개선을 위한 평가지표 개발
Alternative Title
Development of new evaluation index for improved technology evaluation of SMEs
Alternative Author(s)
Yu, Hyeong-Seon
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 교육과학기술부
agency : 교육과학기술부
○ 신기술 사업성 평가를 위해 기관에서 사용되고 있는 기존 평가 지표와 다른 기관의 평가지표들을 비교 분석한 결과 기술적 표준화 부분과 기술의 사회성 부분의 보강 여부를 검토할 필요가 있다고 판단됨.
○ 동일 기술에 대한 여러 전문가들의 평가 결과를 분석한 결과, 일부 지표의 선택지 단순화 및 구체화 혹은 평가 요령 설명의 구체화를 통해 기관의 기존 평가 지표를 객관화할 필요가 있다고 판단됨.
○ 세부 항목 이름을 보편적인 표현으로 수정, 평가 기준의 객관화, 평가 대상의 재설정, 평가 요령 설명의 구체화, 지표별 가중치 재설정 등을 통해 각 세부 평가 지표를 수정하여 새로운 평가 지표를 도출함.
○ 새로운 평가 지표를 이용한 경우, 동일 기술에 대해 여러 전문가들의 평가 결과 편차가 감소하여 객관성은 향상된 것을 확인함.
○ 새로운 평가 지표의 평가 범위가 기존 평가 지표의 평가 범위 및 취지를 제대로 반영하였는지 여부는 추가적으로 검토될 필요가 있음.
○ 객관적 평가 지표를 이용하여 기존에 평가되었던 기술들을 재평가하고 실제 사업화 성공여부를 파악하는 성과 분석이 이루어져야할 시점으로 판단됨.

□ Literature survey
○ I have analyzed results of precedent studies concerning technology evaluation indexes and designed the research process for modification of the existing evaluation index.
○ From the comparative analysis with various evaluation indexes, one could know that detailed indexes pertaining to 'technology standardization' and 'sociality of a technology' might be needed.
□ Review on the existing evaluation index
○ One technology proposed by a small company was evaluated by several experts and evaluation results were analyzed. Although the same evaluation index (the existing evaluation index) was used, the evaluation results provided by the experts were quite different each other. According to the experts' opinions, we needed to objectify the existing evaluation index and to explain an evaluation manner in detail.
○ I have checked both overlaps among the detailed evaluation indexes and omissions in the existing evaluation index. I have also proposed a new calculating method of a total score based upon multiplication.
○ I have modified the existing evaluation index in detail and developed the new evaluation index through several steps. The steps include a modification of the index name in an universal manner, an objectification of an evaluation criteria, a modification of an evaluation target, a concrete explanation of an evaluation manner, a modification of an evaluation weight. In addition, we have proposed a new evaluation score table concerning the new evaluation index.
□ Investigation of the objectivity for the new evaluation index
○ The technology proposed by the small company was evaluated again by the experts and evaluation results were analyzed. By using the new evaluation index, the objectivity of evaluation results was considerably improved. We have observed that the standard deviation of the evaluation result was significantly decreased.
○ Based upon the results, the index was modified again.
중소기업; 기술평가; 평가지표; 신기술; 사업화; SME; technology evaluation; evaluation index; new technology; commercialization
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