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고객중심의 정보마케팅을 통한 성과확산
Alternative Title
A Research Products Dissemination by User Oriented Information Marketing Activity
Alternative Author(s)
Lee, Myung-Seon; Kim, Tae-Jung; Kim, Neung-Su; Kim, Seok-Jin; Min, Jae-Gyu; Park, Chan-Jin; Yu, Yeong-Bok; Kim, Chang-Mok; Jeong, In-Su; Kim, Chan-Ho; Lee, Jeong-Gu; Kim, Byeong-Jeong; Seo, Seong-Ho; Jeong, Hyeon-Sang; U, Jong-Tae; Kim, Chang-Gyu; Lee, Dong-Won; Jo, Ju-Hyeong; Kim, Eun-Ju; Na, Do-Baek; Jang, Tae-Jong; Jeong, Myeong-Dong; Mun, Yeong-Su; Lee, Hae-Jun; Park, Jae-Su; Yang, Hui-Jin; Lee, Jae-Cheol; Hong, Su-Gyeong; Choe, Jae-Ung; Lee, Cheol-Hwan; Jeong, Hye-Yeong; Jeong, Hye-Yun; Im, Seon-Yeong; Choe, Ji-Hyeon; Choe, Go-Eun; Lee, Seung-Jong; Jeong, Ji-Hong; Park, Ju-Hwan; Im, Ji-Yeong; Kim, Jin-Man
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 과학기술부
agency : 과학기술부
agency : Ministry of Science & Technology
과학기술혁신을 지원하는 과학기술 지식정보인프라의 효율적인 이용확산을 위하여 다양한 이용자 모니터링과 고객지향적인 마케팅 활동을 수행하였음.
○ 지식정보인프라 성과홍보 확대
- 타겟 고객별 홍보자료를 개발, 제작하고 컬러마케팅 적용으로 이용욕구 자극
- 전국 규모의 클러스터에 대한 효율적 마케팅 지원
○ KOSTI 2006 워크숍 개최
- 해외 유명 연구자 초청강연, 기술 발표, 슈퍼컴퓨팅 경진대회, 학술 대회로 규모 확대를 통한 대외 성과 홍보확산 효과
- KISTI Way 공유가치 및 행동 강령 제정을 통한 기관 정체성 확립
○ 이용자 상시 모니터링 체제 구축 및 운영
- 통합 Helpdesk 시스템의 구축으로 지체없는 고객불만 응대처리 체제 구축
- 외부모니터그룹, 이용자간담회 등 고객의견 채널확대로 서비스개선과 만족도향상도모
○ 이용자 수요 및 만족도조사
- 이용자중심의 사업체계 확립을 위해 이용자의 요구와 만족도를 조사하여 피드백
○ 과학기술정보 이용자 클러스터 구축 및 운영
- 지역내 핵심 R&D 인적네트워크를 통한 전국적 이용자 클러스터의 구축과 운영
- 고객집단별 찾아가는 맞춤형 정보 활용세미나로 이용활성화와 저변확대
○ 산업기술정보네트워크 구축 및 운영
- 중소기업 특화 종합애로해소 포털로 지식정보를 연계한 맞춤컨설팅 제공기반 조성
○ 산 학 연 협력활동의 확대
- 산 학 연 보유자원의 유기적인 공동활용을 위한 공유 연계체제의 확대

○ Information Infra Diffusion Setup and Marketing Activity.
The information revolution, along with its attendant explosive growth of knowledge, and the related phenomenon of the globalization of the world economy have brought about the Information Age, which affects all aspects of economic, social and political activity.
In order to diffuse the information infra of KISTI and raise its awareness, KISTI establishes an integrated marketing public information strategy, and accomplishes various marketing activities on target customers. In addition, It raises the efficiency and convenience of public relation activities by developing and providing the various public information medium.
- Holding the fair for utilizing KISTI Scientific knowledge information
- Participating the Science and technicology related exhibition
- Mailing the up-to-date information to the customers
- Making multimedia for public relation
- Producing the overview catalogues on KISTI information services
The diffusion of these infrastructures for information logistics fosters restructuring and reallocation of business functions and activities.
○ KISTI CI (KISTI WAY) Development
Process whereby the design elements of an organization are utilized to maximum effect in order to communicate what it does and how it does it. Corporate identity can embrace products, services, environments and the means of internal and external communication. Also, that is the ethos, aims and values of an organization, presenting a sense of its individuality which helps to differentiate it from its competitors.
The KISTI's identity is a valuable asset and everyone in the KISTI has a responsibility to protect that value by managing its use. It is the KISTI Way(Mind Identity, Behavior Identity) we project ourselves to the world, and in that sense, it is more than just a logo.
A management philosophy emphasizing integrity, respect for individuals, teamwork, innovation, and contribution to customers and the community, it earned the abiding loyalty of employees. But times have changed. The KISTI Way showed signs of wear in the increasingly competitive S&T environment in the World. So, We developed new shared values of KISTI Way, UBEST.
- U-first: We achieve our common objectives through teamwork.
- B-enefit: We encourage flexibility and innovation for Client.
- E-thnic: We have trust and respect for individuals.
- S-pecialty: We focus on a high level of achievement and contribution by itself.
- T-omorrow: We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity.
The fundamental purpose is to emphasize the KISTI's position and integrity within the national research institute of Korean and within the science technology and business communities both at home and abroad.
○ KOSTI Workshop 2006
KOSTI Workshop 2006 is seminar emphasizing free discussion, exchange of ideas, demonstration of methods of practical application of skills and principles for evolving science technology(S&T) and business. The Workshop designed to facilitate interaction and the exchange of information between individuals or group that focusing on 'e-Science and Nation Competitiveness'. Also, attended by users and developers to create a plan, specification or other documentation that can guide the developers in Science and Technology Information, SuperComputing, KREONET, Information Analysis, Bioinformatics tasks.
An extended session, a full day(eight hours), where participants learn and practice the knowledge and skills that is the S&T Information and Business. For example, in Foreign Inviting speeches, Supercomputing Award and Speeches for 'The Infrastructure of Science Technology Information and Nation Competitiveness', participants are not only exposed to the concepts behind storytelling designed to change beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions, they also identify a real-life situation that would be helped through this process, create a story designed to bring about the desired change, and practice telling the story.
○ Building-up and operating regular monitoring system on user behavior
We have involved in three of them for monitoring system on user behavior. "Improving Web Search Ranking by Incorporating User Behavior Information"; "Learning User Interaction Models for Predicting Web Search Result Preferences"; and "Improving Personalized Web Search Using Result Diversification." The focus of all three, in short, is how users interact with search results. Having access to huge volumes of user data is key to improving search results.
Therefore, KISTI expands the channels which collect customers' opinions through integrated KISTI helpdesk, and reflects the collected opinions on service improvement. By performing the internal monitoring activity and expanding external monitoring activities, it enhances the stability and the quality of KISTI information service.
- Build-up and operating of integrated Helpdesk system
- Monitoring and feedback of main homepage service cites by
monitoring agent regularly
- Having user meeting and gathering their opinion
- Weekly monitoring on information use trends and information update
- Monthly monitoring on improvement of information services and DB
User Behavior Monitor, which studies usage patterns and categorizes all user actions and events as normal or suspicious, with suspicious behavior alerted to an administrator.
In addition to the monitoring capabilities, the platform also provides auditing and reporting capabilities, including a transactional analysis of events by sessions, users, or objects; providing detail information in the context of the operation.
○ Surveys on user needs and satisfaction
The purpose of the survey was to evaluate user satisfaction with the services. User surveys are often mentioned when information professionals strategize on expanding the reach and recognition of Web services. What better way both to ascertain what users desire and to inform them of capabilities they are unaware of or don't use - Most of all, determine what topics and contents need surveying.
By conducting the survey on the user needs and satisfaction for the whole service which KISTI is providing, it measures the objective evaluation of the service quality, and sets up the fundamental to improve the service quality.
- Searching the survey on the user needs for the service patterns and user behavior
- User satisfaction research for the whole service
○ Sci-Tech inform. user cluster construction and operation
Respective regional core-user cluster advisory councils were organized for the purpose of achieving information usage revitalization and expansion of the user base, targeting potential users of KISTI Sci-Tech information infrastructure, thus accelerating national technological development through these efforts.
KISTI has carried out customer-oriented, reach-out seminars in order to diffuse the Sci-Tech information usage and secure as many newly-registered users, by fully familiarizing them with diverse and useful Sci-Tech specialized information or assistance activities , constructed and operated by KISTI.
It is the activity of investigating and analyzing specified difficult Sci-Tech information experienced by local small, medium and venture businesses during R&D process and promptly providing the results to them, with a view to strengthening their technological prowess, and leading the pertinent technology to assets actively by helping their efficient R&D activities, thus ultimately nurturing and developing them toward leading technological innovation businesses.
○ Building-up and operating INNO-net
The current trend of the rapid evolution of IT industry and the shift to the knowledge information society are required the companies to adapt the new business environment actively, regardless of their sizes and business types. Therefore, it is necessary to foster the SME (small and medium enterprise), which is the source of technology innovation and the creation of employment. Inno-net is roled as "the total information support system for SME (small and medium enterprise)", which provides the strong connection with the private and the public sector, including academy and local government as well as support them through the technical information construction and distribution. Consequently, Inno-net attempts to contribute the national industry development and economy revitalization in terms of the proliferation of "Trouble shooting and consulting HUB system", which is able to resolve the technical queries and troubles promptly which are occurred on the business activities, through the connection of the human expert pool network.
○ Building-up linkage services of knowledge information resources among industries, academia and research institutions.
The Academy runs a comprehensive programme of awards and schemes to encourage engineering research and facilitate closer contacts between the industrial and academic worlds. But there is an unavoidable tension implicit in research collaboration between industry and academy. Thus We have prepared science and technology information for connecting them.
Remarkable improvement of information utilization channels' diversification by expanding science and technology information to general public as well as scientific researchers through strategic partnerships with private information service agencies, and arrangement of foundation for cooperation, exchanges and construction of information service linkage assistance systems with foreign information service institutions through foundation creation of cooperative linkage service construction with public information service institutions.
정보마케팅; 이용확대; 이용자 모니터링; 고객 만족; Information Marketing; Promotion; Dissemination; User Monitoring; Corporate Identity; User Satisfaction; KISTI Way
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