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공공기간망에서 정보보호 시스템 보안성의 통합 자동화분석 방법
Alternative Title
Automatical Integrated Analysis Scheme of Information Security System in Public Infrastructure Networks
Alternative Author(s)
Lee, Dong-Choon; Kim, Jum-Goo; Guk, Yoon-Ju; Lee, Moon-Bok; Lee, Dong-Yeop; Na, Won-Sik; Jun, Eun-A; Lee, Jong-Goo; Kim, Tae-Wook
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 국무조정실
- 신분확인의 정의 및 기존 기법들의 조사 및 이론적 분석
- 신분확인 기법들의 위협 요소와 다양한 공격 방법에 대한 분석
- UNIX 패스워드의 신분확인 기법 및 다양한 공격 방법 분석
- UNIX 패스워드 시스템의 신분확인 기능들의 평가 요소 도출 및 정립
- S/Key 패스워드의 신분확인 기법 및 다양한 공격 방법 분석
- 일방향 해쉬합수의 공격 방안 및 안정성 분석
- S/Key 시스템의 신분확인 기능의 평가 요소 도출 및 정립
- 시스템 통합 구현

III. Content and Scope of The Study
- Construction of system configuration for system development.
- Analysis of system requirement.
- Propose of security policy for public infrastructure network.
- Coding of functional modules and implementation of the prototype
- Test of functional modules and real system.
- Encoding to have made IPsec of the RFC 2401 which advocated in IETF a basis and a way proposal to include authentication security capability in kernel.
- Forge a packet evaluation materials generation (let kernel include a forgery function.)
- In inspects integrity of data in a receipt side if it did not play with the case that it attacked in Gateway.
- It is good at an operation of information about a changed packet is read, and a user washing information about packet modulation with a box.
- It measures integrity with an acid time enemy and sets up a forgery position and the packet number of a packet to forge as dynamic through a user input.
- A way proposal it does not let you change a checksum price to must let a checksum of a transport layer going through if a packet was forged for integrity verification in an application layer, and to forge.
S/Key; 패스워드; 일방향 해쉬함수; 시스템 통합 구현; S/Key Password; One-way Hashing Function; Integrated System Implementation
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