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국내 분리 세균목록 DB 구축
Alternative Title
Construction of the Collective List of Descriptions about Bacterial Isolates from Korea
Alternative Author(s)
Lee, Oh-Hyung; Bak, Soon-Young; Gang, Tae-Sook; Jang, Ae-Gyung; Lee, Jin-Sook; Son, Rip-Nyeon; Im, Hyun; Lee, Myung-Eun; Kim, Sang-Gyoon
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 국무조정실
III. 연구개발의 내용 및 범위
1. 세균 목록 db화(입력항목)
우리나라에서 발행되고 있는 학술논문이나 특허들에 기재된 세균 관련 자료들을 대상으로 하여 다음 사항을 입력하고 국제 공인 세균명 목록, 세균배양배지 목록, 세균학자 인명록 등의 DB를 별도 구축하여 본 DB와 연계시킴.
가. 균주명
나. 분리 정보
다. 동정 정보
라. 기능, 특성 정보
마. 유전자 목록 및 염기 서열(base sequence) 정보
바. 관련 영상 정보
사. 관련 문헌 정보
아. 분리자(저자) 관련 정보
2.. 목록자료 시각화(화면구성 및 Display)
가. 제작 Homepage Upgrade
나. End- user 자료입력프로그램 제작 및 운영
다. 자료검색 프로그램 제작 및 운영

III. Content and scope of the study
1. Construction of database
we constructed a computer- aided program to make a formal, comprehensive description for the bacterial strains which were isolated from Korea and published through the literatures such as journals or patents. The content of the description includes the identified, scientific name of strain, isolation informations(when, from where, why and how, and by whom), morphological, cultural, physiological, biochemical, olecular biological characteristics, its specific role or functions in nature, and the literature site that describes about these. The MS Assess software was used for this PC- based input system programing,
2. Development of internet display system for this database.
To make easier access to the database by the end- users, it was also needed to construct a Web- based operating system which can support both the general searches or extraction of the existing data and the direct addition of new data to the database by the data- creating scientists. Both the My- SQL and PHP were used to convert the MS access data files and to display them through internet, respectively.
세균; 국내분리; 동정; 데이터베이스; 생물다양성; Bacteria; Korea; Isolation and Identification; database; biodiversity
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