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국내 식물 바이러스 DB 구축
Alternative Title
Construction of a Database for Korean Plant Virus
Alternative Author(s)
Jang, Moo-Woong; Sin, Hye-Young; Seong, Jung-Hyun; Jung, Dong-Soo; Kim, Sang-Hyun; Bak, Choon-Goo; Jun, Myung-Ock
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 국무조정실
- 생물다양성 보존을 위한 기초 정보 구축의 일환으로 국내 식물 바이러스 정보들을 체계적이고 조직적으로 통합할 필요성 요구됨.
- 특히 식물 바이러스 동정을 위한 이미지 작업은 고가의 장비와 고급인력의 검정 및 동정능력이 요구되기 때문에 자료의 손실이나 파손시 이러한 과정을 다시 밟아야하는 비효율적인 측면이 있으므로, 자료가 영구 보존되도록 웹 상에서 구현되는 데이터베이스를 구축함.
- 식물 바이러스의 관련정보를 효율적으로 관리하고, 학술적 그리고 산업적인 활용도를 높이기 위해 분류정보, 관련문헌, 지리적 분포, 병징, 기주범위, 전자현미경 사진과 유전자 정보 등에 대한 종합적인 데이터베이스를 구축함.
- Crow′s Foot ERD를 이용해 스키마를 작성하고, 다른 생물자원 데이터베이스와 공동으로 활용이 가능할 수 있도록 표준 인터페이스를 구축함.
- 본 연구의 결과는 농작물 피해 가능성을 예측하고, 바이러스 무병주를 생산하고, 수입작물의 검정 등에 이용될 기초 자료로써 그 가치가 매우 높다고 할 수 있음.
- 이와 같이 구축된 국내 식물 바이러스 데이터베이스는 연차적으로 더욱 다양한 바이러스 종을 추가하고, 유전자정보, 기주식물 정보, 국외 문헌정보 등을 추가하여 종합적인 식물 바이러스 검색 시스템을 마련하고자 함.

Ⅰ. Title
Construction of a DB for Korean Plant Virus
Ⅱ. Objective of the study and its importance
As plant virus research is the science which requires expensive equipments such as electron microscopy and ultracentrifuge, it recently shows dramatic increases by the help of molecular biological analysis technologies. Nowadays molecular biological research methods are recognized as generalized skills, therefore the urgent thing is to construct integrated system to manage the abundant data from universities.
The process such as virus images, symptoms, or identification that using expensive electron microscopy is needed expert""s sophisticated participation, so if when one found a loss or damage through data or implementation, it is necessary that one must be repeat these steps. Therefore these steps are waste of resources.
Korea has plenty of biological diversity and shows diverse distribution of pathogens. Now pathogens must be identified as not a subject of conquest but a concept of resource. For systematic research of pathogens, the first thing is that databases the data accumulated until now and integrate the related data. These efforts ultimatly will present useful resources to agricultural related field and universities, and through constructing infrastucture these efforts will serve the
bases of increase of bioinformatics research field.
Ⅲ. Content and scope of the study
Ⅳ. Result of the study
- This database consists of three compartments: 1) system management module that can be insert, inquiry, modify, and delete date by authorized researchers 2) database the storage site of these data, and 3) search module that can be used by related searchers and general users. And these system designed to implement by specified functions of each compartments.
- We designed database schema as to express the interrelation of plant virus, host and mediator. Logical schema of database used Crow""s Foot ERD and designed database contains eight entities. This database schema classes consists of 1) ""p_virus"" that contains systematic taxonomic information, 2) ""na"" that contains the type of viral nucleic acid, 3) ""host"" that contains host information, 4) ""reference"" contains research results of plant virus infects host, 5) ""vector""
that contains information about mediator infecting host and infect pathway, 6) ""map"" that contains description of symptoms showed the relationship between Research Contents Scope plant virus and infect pathway, 7) ""image"" that contains virus images, immunostain images, cell images, and symptom images, and 8) ""admin"" for administration verification.
- This database system present some conditional search tools such as 1) ""search species name"" that can search for virus scientific name, abbreviation, or binominal name, 2) ""search host"" that can search for korean name or scientific name of plant virus host, and 3) ""search nucleic acid"" that can search for virus as nucleic acid types.
Ⅴ. Application schemes
This database is valuable as a basic resource for identification and taxonomy of plant virus. And this database present eternal storage for image data invulnerable from loss or damage possibly occurred by way of using expensive equipments, examination, and identification. The results are very invaluable as ground data especially in predict the possibility of agricultural damage, develop
virus- free species, and examination of imported corp. The plant virus database will append more diverse virus species, genomic data, host plant information, overseas journal information yearly, therefore plans to construct the integrated plant virus database system.
식물 바이러스; 데이터베이스; 표준 인터페이스; Plant Virus; Database; Standard Interface
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