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과학기술정보유통시스템 개발
Alternative Title
Development of Information Service Technology
Alternative Author(s)
Ryu, Beom-Jong; Kim, Hyun; Seo, Jung-Hyun; Yoon, Hwa-Mook; Gang, Moo-Young; Choe, Gi-Seok; Choe, Yoon-Soo; Choe, Seong-Pil; Gang, Nam-Gyoo; An, Seong-Soo; Jin, Doo-Seok; Ju, Won-Gyoon; Kim, Gwang-Young; Lee, Min-Ho; Yang, Myung-Seok; Lee, Seok-Hyung; Lee, Byung-Hee; Moon, Soo-Jung; Choe, Yoo-Jin
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 국무조정실
agency : 국무조정실
O 전자정보유통 시스템 개발
- 국가고유정보를 대상으로 정보의 발생 시점부터 가공 및 유통까지의 전 과정을 자동화하는 시스템을 개발 보급하여 과학기술정보의 생명인 정보의 최신성 보장은 물론 표준화된 시스템을 사용함으로써 시스템 개발 중복 배제 및 비용 절감, 분산통합검색 체제에 의한 정보공동활용 등의 고도의 서비스 제공
- KISTI에서 수집하고 있는 해외기술정보에 대한 체계적이고 일원화된 DB구축과 관리체제를 만들어 이용자에게 효율적인 정보검색 서비스 및 원문제공이 가능한 체제 마련
- XML을 활용하여 지식정보자원을 효율적으로 관리할 수 있도록 MathML에 기반한 수식 편집기를 포함한 범용 XML 문서 편집 시스템 및 웹상에서 수식 표현 시스템을 개발하여 활용할 수 있도록 하며, 이에 따라 XML에 기반한 대량의 지식정보자원의 효율적인 생성 및 표현이 가능함

O 정보서비스 기반기술 개발
- 다양한 기종에 분산되어 구축된 데이터베이스들을 효율적으로 통합하여 검색할 수 있는 분산통합검색 프로토콜 정의와 라이브러리 개발, XML 문서편집기, 수식입력 및 표현기술 개발을 통해 이기종간 정보교환 및 통합된 정보서비스 체제를 지원함으로써 개별적인 정보 서비스로 인한 중복 투자를 지양하고, 각 DB의 이용률을 높임과 동시에 첨단 과학기술 정보의 손쉬운 접근을 가능

O 한글 정보검색 기반기술 개발
- 유니코드 기반의 한국어 자동 색인기 개발, 전문용어사전 적용 등 국가 고유의 기술로서 보유되어야 하는 한국어 정보처리 기술에 대한 체계적인 접근을 통해 언어정보 처리 기술의 식민지화를 방지하고 국내 연구자들의 연구 기반을 마련

I . Title
Development of Science and Technology Information Service System

II. Obj ective of the s tudy and its importance
The object of this project is research and develop a basic technology for efficiently
performing storing and managing science and technology information which has
various kinds and a huge volume. In order to accomplish this objective we divide the
whole system into 3 areas of development of the electronic information service
system, development of basic technology for information service and , development of
basic technology for Hangul information retrieval system.
Digital information service system
- Developing National Innate Information System which contains research projects,
academic papers, human resources, equipments related to science and technology.
This can reduce the cost of edit, retrieve and service of information which have
produced massively by gaining electronic information infrastructure building
technique. This can also contribute the establishing joint information system by
developing standard XML DTD and distribute it to related organizations.
- Building and management system of the unified database system of journals,
conference documents, bibliograph, title and abstract of research reports of foreign
country by collection those informations effectively. Building and service the
structured XML DB of bibliography and title of 15,000 kinds of imported journals.
Perform SDI service when update these informations to recent one. Establishing
the service system of automatic collecting possession information by linking to
full- text information owner that can service it쥀 full- text. Offers a one- stop
service of user- need information by realtime linking to various information such
as abstract, possession, full- text, electronic journal.
- Developing common XML document editing system including formula editor
based on MathML for efficiently manage knowledge resources and formula
representing system on the web. This makes possible the efficient generation of
knowledge information resources based on XML.
Developing the technology based on the information service.
- Developing storage engine that can be able to support multiple language based
on the unicode. Provides basic operations for managing multimedia information.
Building various retrieval models for satisfy many users. Developing XML based
full- text information storing & retrieval system based on all of the above
- Developing libraries and distributed- systhesis information retrieval protocols that can easily retrieve information from the databases distributed various kinds of
systems. Through the development of XML document editor, formula input and
representation it쥀 now possible the systhesized information service system and
information exchange between heterogeneous systems. This can prevents
overlapped investments, increase each DB usage and makes possible a easy access
to high- tech information and get a growth of economic, industrial as well as
science and technology of whole nation.
Development of basic technology for Hangul information retrieval
- Preventing subordination of information technology area and making basics of
research for researchers in the nation by systematic access to Hangul information
processing such as automatic Hangul indexing system based on unicode and apply
it to science and technology term dictionary.

III. Content and s cope of the s tudy

IV. Res ult of the study and Application schemes
Development and distribution of national S&T information system
Through the development and distribution of national S&T information system,
we built a common academic information system between KISTI, university and
research institutes. Also we built a research reports portal system by
development and distribution of automatic collection management of research
reports. And we built a automatic management system of academic society
papers based on web- hosting and with it, we support system customizing for
common utilization of the society paper information. We built a common
utilization system of the academic information with link to 10 university libraries
such as Hos대 univ., Hanla univ., etc.
Development of the management system of foreign technology information
Currently it is inconvenient for the user to access information of foreign
journal because the information of bibliographs, contents and full- text requests
are not linked in realtime to related institutes. It is possible now that offering
full- text service and efficient information retrieval to users because journals
collected by KISTI are built into the DB systematically.
Development of applied XML technology
It is possible now that efficient generation and representation of knowledge
information resources based on XML by developing common XML document editing
system including formula editor based on MathML for efficiently manage knowledge
resources and formula representing system on the web.
Development of the distributed- synthesized information retrieval system
Distributed- synthesized information retrieval system is able to distributed
information retrieval with no modification of existing various kinds of
information retrieval systems. It can strengthen multi volume database site and
also maintain information with it쥀 recent state. It also possible the efficient
management of information resources and increase economical usage to develop
and service a knowledge resources owned by each institutes by the results of
various research activities to a specialized DB. The system was verified its
expandability and stability by applied to the 줤cience and Technology
Information Management System? It continuously developed and modified
systematically the support tools based on GUI, management tool and collection
and analysis function of retrieval result logs for system tuning and result merge.
Development of automatic Hangul indexing system
Automatic Hangul indexing system is a basis of Hangul information
processing and is a necessary technique for improve information service which
is a characteristic function of the KISTI. The necessary conditions of mass
volume language data processing system as a key system are development of
general language processing system and unique system modification and function
addition as a consequence. It was developed to support unicode as a independent
intellectual language processing system while provides various index type and
contains many word data.
Development of the English- Korean cross- language information retrieval
and on- line translation system
Applying on- line translation system to information retrieval system to have a
information retrieval from documents made of multiple languages, It is possible
th expand area of information service which is a characteristic function of the
KISTI. In order to do this, we must improve the correctness of substitution
word extractor. For this, it must preceded by the development of the expansion
of a substitution words dictionary. This can be done by using dictionary
management system. When apply on- line translation system to information
retrieval system, we can provide information retrieval services with various
kinds of languages and it differentiate with other systems. It improves quality of
a information retrieval system.
Distribution and technique transfer of the KRISTAL
The efficient information retrieval service of the KISTI and specialized
science and technology information center is possible by distribution of the
storage engine and management system that can supports multiple languages
based on unicode. Also it is possible that improve the productivity of science
and technology information and level of information service by
development/distribution of distributed- synthesized information retrieval system.
And common utilization of information is also possible.
전자정보체제; 한글검색엔진; 국가고유정보; 정보시스템; 유니코드; digital library; KRISTAL; XML; national information; information system; unicode
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