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2014-01-09Evidence for semileptonic B?→pp?ℓ?ν?ℓ decaysK.-J.Tien김정현조기현791
2014-07-08Measurement of branching fractions and CP violation parameters in B→ωK decays with first evidence of CP violation in B0→ωK0sV.Chobanova김정현조기현909
2014-04-16Measurement of branching fractions for B -> J/psi eta K decays and search for a narrow resonance in the J/psi eta final stateT.Iwashita김정현조기현895
2014-05-30Measurement of D-0-(D) over bar(0) mixing and search for indirect CP violation using D-0 -> K-S(0)pi(+)pi(-) decaysT.Peng김정현조기현799
2014-07-25Measurement of the Branching Fraction B(Λ+c→pK−π+)A.Zupanc김정현조기현903
2014-04-23Measurements of branching fractions of τ lepton decays with one or more K0SS.Ryu김정현조기현724
2014-05-22Measurements of the masses and widths of the Σc(2455)0/++ and Σc(2520)0/++ baryonsS.-H.Lee김정현조기현829
2014-03-21Observation of D-0-(D)over-bar(0) Mixing in e(+) e(-) CollisionsB.R.Ko김정현조기현896
2013-06-26Precision measurement of charged pion and kaon multiplicities in e+e- annihilation at √s = 10.52 GeVM. Leitgab김정현조기현829
2013-03-15Recent Results on Hadronic B decays from Belle김정현790
2013-06-26Search for an H-dibaryon with mass near 2min Y(1S) and Y(2S) decaysB. H. Kim김정현조기현759
2014-03-21Search for B0→pΛ¯π−γ at BelleY.-T.Lai김정현조기현759
2014-05-30Search for CP Violation in D0→π0π0 DecaysN.K.Nisar김정현조기현806
2014-03-17Search for doubly charmed baryons and study of charmed strange baryons at BelleY.Kato김정현조기현839
2014-02-24Search for the process e+e−→J/ψX(1835) at s√≈10.6  GeVX.H.He김정현조기현700
2014-04-08Study of B0��0�0 decays, implications for the CKM angle ?2 and search for other B0 decay modes with a four-pion final stateP.Vanhoefer김정현조기현765
2014-04-23Updated cross section measurement of e(+)e(-)-> K(+)K(-)J/Psi and K(s)(0)K(s)(0)J/Psi via initial state radiation at BelleC.P.Shen김정현조기현873
2013-12슈퍼컴을 활용한 글로벌 B 물리연구황순욱조기현남수현김정현배태길류휘영문지혜임혜정746