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대용량 데이터 센터 구축 및 운영
Alternative Title
Construction and Operation for Large-scale Science Data Computing Center
Alternative Author(s)
Jang, Haeng-Jin; Park, Hyeong-U; Gang, Gung-Won; Yeom, Min-Seon; Yun, Hui-Jun; No, Seo-Yeong; Kim, Nam-Gyu; Yeo, Il-Yeon; Yu, Gi-Seong; Yu, Seong-Yun; Gwon, Seok-Myeon; Lee, Seung-Hui; Kim, Gyeong-Ryun; Kim, Jin; Kim, Ji-Ung; Lee, Myeong; Park, Sang-O; An, Sang-Eon; Kim, Jeong-Heon; Lee, Ju-Hui; HANSEN
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Publication Year
funder : 미래창조과학부
funder : KA
agency : 한국과학기술정보연구원
agency : Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
○ 인프라 구축 및 서비스 제공
・Tier1 급 (페터급) 대용량 실험데이터 저장 및 컴퓨팅 인프라 구축
- 1,500CPU, 500TB 스토리지 (누적 4,700CPU, 4,000TB 급 인프라 구축)
・세계적 수준의 원천 실험데이터 확보 및 서비스 제공 기반 마련
- CERN, KEK, INFN, FNAL, McGill Univ. 와 MoU 체결을 통해 Tier1급 Raw Data 확보 근거 및 첨단 기술 공동 연구 환경 마련
- CERN 실험 중심의 데이터 센터 인프라 고도화
・Tier1급 서비스 가용률 제공(96.3%)
○ 국내외 커뮤니티 구축 및 서비스 활성화
・사용자 활용기술 지원/교육 및 신규 어카운트 제공
- 사용자 활용기술 지원 54건
- 약 227만 건의 사용자 활용 지원 (ALICE, CDF, Belle, LIGO 실험)
・GSDC중심 연구 커뮤니티 활성화
- SCI 논문 64건 유발
- GSDC 사용자 협의회 8건 개최(전체회의 : 3건, 실험별회의: 5건),
- 국제협력 회의 및 워크숍 2건 개최
・사용자 만족도 86점 (7개 실험, 12개 대학 및 연구기관)
・본 사업의 활성화를 위한 교과부 수탁사업 연계 추진
- "기초연구실험데이터글로벌허브구축“ (2013.3.01~ 2014.2.28)
- 사이버 융합 연구 교육 시스템 관리기술 개발 및 지원(2013.7.15 ~2014.7.14)

Ⅳ. Result of the study
Because the most asked contribution from users to this project is the provision of resources, we put focus on the construction of infrastructure and its services. In addition, to promote this project, we also tried to launch new project to help this project. The achievements could be summarized as follows:
○ Extension of Infrastructure and Stabilization of Services
· The Extension of storage and computing infrastructure for large-scale experiment data in Peta-scale
- 1,500CPU, 500TB Storage (Totally, almost 4,700CPU, 4,000TB)
· The establishment of stable channel for experiment data
- Extension of basis for Tier1 level raw data channels and international collaboration partners by MoU with CERN, KEK, INFN, FNAL, McGill Univ.
- The upgrade of GSDC local network to full 10 Gbps
· High level service availability and usage
- Service availability : 96.3%
- Running jobs a year : 2,270,000 jobs
○ Construction of Research Communities and Promotion of their Activities
· The proactive technical support and experiment support
- Technical support and education : 54 times
- experiment supports: 2,270,000 jobs (Alice, CDF, Belle, LIGO),
· The promotion of research communities' activity
- Promoted paper indexed in SCI from GSDC : 64 papers
- Hosting user association meeting : 8 times (general meeting: 3 times; single experiment meeting: 5 times)
- Hosting international collaboration meeting and workshop : 2 times
· High level result of user survey
- Scored 86 of 100 from 7 research domains and 12 institutes
· The associated MEST projects to promote and compensate this project
- "Global hub for Experiment Data of Basic Science“ (2013.03.01 ~ 2014.02.28)
- Management Technology Development and Support for Cyber Fusion Research and Education System (2013.07.15 ~ 2014.07.14)
Basic Science; Large-scale Experiment Data; Data Grid; OSG; EGI
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