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2018-05-18A search for the exotic meson X(5568) with the Collider Detector at FermilabT. Aaltonen조기현135
2018-01-24Combined Forward-Backward Asymmetry Measurements in Top-Antitop Quark Production at the TevatronT. Aaltonen조기현101
2013-08-08Evidence for a bottom baryon resonance Lambda_b* in CDF dataT. Aaltonen조기현95
2013-01-02Measurement of the B-c(-) meson lifetime in the decay B-c(-) -> J/psi pi(-)T. Aaltonen조기현89
2016-03-01Measurement of the Bc± Production Cross Section in ppbar Collisions at s√=1.96 TeVT. Aaltonen조기현114
2013-03-15Measurement of the cross section for prompt isolated diphoton production using the full CDF Run II data sampleT. Aaltonen조기현99
2017-05-30Measurement of the D+ Meson Production Cross Section at Low Transverse Momentum in p pbar Collisions at √s=1.96 TeVT. Aaltonen조기현94
2016-06-02Measurement of the forward-backward asymmetry in low-mass bottom-quark pairs produced in proton-antiproton collisionsT. Aaltonen조기현93
2016-06-03Measurement of the forward–backward asymmetry of top-quark and antiquark pairs using the full CDF Run II data setT. Aaltonen조기현93
2017-11-16Measurement of the inclusive-isolated prompt-photon cross section in pp¯ collisions using the full CDF data setT. Aaltonen조기현88
2013-03-18Measurement of the Mass Difference Between Top and Anti-top Quarks at CDFT. Aaltonen조기현103
2013-05-03Measurement of the top quark forward-backward production asymmetryT. Aaltonen조기현83
2016-07-22Measurement of the WW and WZ production cross section using final states with a charged lepton and heavy-flavor jets in the full CDF Run II data setT. Aaltonen조기현84
2016-03-21Measurement of vector boson plus D∗(2010)+ meson production in ppbar collisions at s√=1.96TeVT. Aaltonen조기현83
2013-02-21Measurement of W -Boson Polarization in Top-quark Decay using the Full CDF Run II Data SetT. Aaltonen조기현86
2016-06-28Measurement of {sinθ^lept_effs}^2 using e+e−pairs from γ∗/Z bosons produced in ppbar collisions at a center-of-momentum energy of 1.96 TeVT. Aaltonen조기현103
2017-07-27Observation of the Y(4140) structure in the J/ψϕ mass spectrum in B±→J/ψϕK± decaysT. Aaltonen조기현97
2016-06-20Search for a Low-Mass Neutral Higgs Boson with Suppressed Couplings to Fermions Using Events with Multiphoton Final StatesT. Aaltonen조기현84
2013-03-06Search for B-s(0) -> mu+ mu(-) and B-0 -> mu+ mu(-) decays with the full CDF Run II data setT. Aaltonen조기현107
2018-10-11Search for standard-model Z and Higgs bosons decaying into a bottom-antibottom quark pair in proton-antiproton collisions at 1.96 TeVT. Aaltonen조기현192
2013-05-16Search for Supersymmetry with Like-Sign Lepton-Tau Events at CDFT. Aaltonen조기현94
2013-02-01Search for the Higgs boson in the all-hadronic final state using the full CDF data setT. Aaltonen조기현83
2018-06-28Tevatron Run II combination of the effective leptonic electroweak mixing angleT. Aaltonen조기현138
2013-03-06Updated search for the standard model Higgs boson in events with jets and missing transverse energy using the full CDF data setT. Aaltonen조기현184