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2016-04-01First model-independent Dalitz analysis of B0→DK∗0 D→K0Sπ+π- decayK. Negishi김정현조기현187
2011-10-06First observation of radiative B-0 -> phi K-0 gamma decays and measurements of their time-dependent CP violation김영진김정현조기현191
2015-09-27First Observation of the Hadronic Transition ϒð4SÞ → ηhbð1PÞ and New Measurement of the hbð1PÞ and ηbð1SÞ ParametersU. Tamponi김정현조기현183
2002-04Forging Manipulator 개발조백희배종수최병호강재훈신완호김정현강효완232
2013-12-01High-statistics study of K0S production in two-photon collisionsS.Uehara김정현조기현211
2015-02-26Measurement of $B^0 \to D_s^- K^0_S\pi^+$ and $B^+ \to D_s^- K^+K^+$ branching fractionsJ. Wiechczynski김정현조기현216
2015-06-12Measurement of $e^+e^- \to \pi^+\pi^-\psi(2S)$ via Initial State Radiation at BelleX. L. Wang김정현조기현215
2014-07-08Measurement of branching fractions and CP violation parameters in B→ωK decays with first evidence of CP violation in B0→ωK0sV.Chobanova김정현조기현218
2014-04-16Measurement of branching fractions for B -> J/psi eta K decays and search for a narrow resonance in the J/psi eta final stateT.Iwashita김정현조기현231
2010-10-26Measurement of CP violating asymmetries in B-0 -> (K+K-KS0) decays with a time-dependent Dalitz approach김정현174
2014-05-30Measurement of D-0-(D) over bar(0) mixing and search for indirect CP violation using D-0 -> K-S(0)pi(+)pi(-) decaysT.Peng김정현조기현176
2016-02-10Measurement of D0–D0bar mixing and search for CP violation in D0→K+K−,π+π− decays with the full Belle data setM. Staric김정현조기현145
2015-03-04Measurement of the $\bar{B} \rightarrow X_s \gamma$ Branching Fraction with a Sum of Exclusive DecaysT. Saito김정현조기현152
2014-07-25Measurement of the Branching Fraction B(Λ+c→pK−π+)A.Zupanc김정현조기현161
2015-05-18Measurement of the branching fraction of B^+ -> tau^+ nu_tau decays with the semileptonic tagging methodB. Kronenbitter김정현조기현155
2015-10-26Measurement of the branching ratio of $\bar{B} \to D^{(\ast)} \tau^- \bar{\nu}_\tau$ relative to $\bar{B} \to D^{(\ast)} \ell^- \bar{\nu}_\ell$ decays with hadronic tagging at Belle.M. Huschle김정현조기현156
2012-04-23Measurement of the CP-violation Parameter sin2\phi_1 with a New Tagging Method at the \Upsilon(5S) Resonance.Y.Sato김정현조기현174
2016-02-25Measurement of the decay B→Dℓνℓ in fully reconstructed events and determination of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix elementR. Glattauer김정현조기현152
2013-12-02Measurement of the decays B0s�J/�?(1020), B0s�J/�f�2(1525) and B0s�J/�K+K? at BelleY.Kato김정현조기현160
2015-04-15Measurement of the direct $CP$ asymmetry in $\bar{B}\rightarrow X_{s+d}\gamma$ decays with a lepton tagL. Pesántez김정현조기현143
2015-07-09Measurement of the Production and Differential Cross Sections of $W^{+}W^{-}$ Bosons in Association with Jets in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}=1.96$ TeVB. Pal김정현조기현158
2015-05-28Measurements of $B\rightarrow \bar{D} D_{s0}^{*+}(2317)$ decay rates and a search for isospin partners of the $D_{s0}^{*+} (2317)$ By Belle CollaborationS.-K. Choi김정현조기현162
2012-04-27Measurements of Branching Fractions and Time-dependent CP Violating Asymmetries in $B{0} \to D{(*)\pm}D{\mp}$ Decays.M.R ohrken김정현조기현140
2010-09-28Measurements of branching fractions for B-0 -> D-s(+) pi(-) and (B)over-bar(0) -> D-s(+) K-김정현156
2014-04-23Measurements of branching fractions of τ lepton decays with one or more K0SS.Ryu김정현조기현141
2014-05-22Measurements of the masses and widths of the Σc(2455)0/++ and Σc(2520)0/++ baryonsS.-H.Lee김정현조기현170
2016-01-14Measurements of the Υ(10860) and Υ(11020) resonances via σ(e+e−→Υ(nS)π+π−)D. Santel김정현조기현141
2010-10-11Observation of B+ -> (D)over-bar*(0)tau(+) v(tau) and evidence for B+ -> (D)over-bar(0)tau(+) v(tau) at Belle김정현252
2011-10-10Observation of B- -> (p)over-bar Lambda D-0 at Belle김영진김정현조기현244
2010-06-08observation of B-s(0) -> D-s*(-) pi(+) and B-s(0) -> D-s(*)(-)s rho(+) and Measurement of the B-s(0) -> D-s*(-) rho(+) Longitudinal Polarization Fraction김정현236
2014-03-21Observation of D-0-(D)over-bar(0) Mixing in e(+) e(-) CollisionsB.R.Ko김정현조기현250
2012-03-20Observation of two charged bottomonium-like resonances in Y(5S) decays.A.Bondar김정현조기현193
2011-08-26Observation of X(3872) -> J/psi gamma and Search for X(3872) -> psi 'gamma in B Decays김영진김정현조기현182
2015-03-02Observation of X(3872) in B→X(3872)Kπ decaysA. Bala김정현조기현182
2016-06-14PIF1-interacting transcription factors and their binding sequence elements determine the in vivo targeting sites of PIF1강효진최길주김우현김재욱김정현박정무유장현윤태영이나영228
2013-06-26Precision measurement of charged pion and kaon multiplicities in e+e- annihilation at √s = 10.52 GeVM. Leitgab김정현조기현186
2013-03-15Recent Results on Hadronic B decays from Belle김정현173
2015-03-19Search for $B^+ \to e^+ \nu$ and $B^+ \to \mu^+ \nu$ decays using hadronic taggingY. Yook김정현조기현184
2015-06-17Search for $B^+ →ℓ^+ν_ℓγ$ decays with hadronic tagging using the full Belle data sampleA. Heller김정현조기현190
2015-01-08Search for $B_{s}^{0}\rightarrow\gamma\gamma$ and a measurement of the branching fraction for $B_{s}^{0}\rightarrow\phi\gamma$D. Dutta김정현조기현191
2010-08-25Search for a Low Mass Particle Decaying into mu(+)mu(-) in B-0 -> K*X-0 and B-0 ->rho X-0 at Belle김정현174
2013-06-26Search for an H-dibaryon with mass near 2min Y(1S) and Y(2S) decaysB. H. Kim김정현조기현154
2015-06-18Search for B decays to final states with the $\eta_c$ mesonA. Vinokurova김정현조기현151
2010-10-15Search for B-s(0) -> hh decays at the Y(5S) resonance김정현147
2014-03-21Search for B0→pΛ¯π−γ at BelleY.-T.Lai김정현조기현159
2016-02-22Search for B0→π−τ+ντ with hadronic tagging at BelleP. Hamer김정현조기현126
2012-08-07Search for B→?π decays김정현조기현140
2011-10-28Search for charmonium and charmoniumlike states in gamma(2S) radiative decays김영진김정현조기현187
2014-05-30Search for CP Violation in D0→π0π0 DecaysN.K.Nisar김정현조기현159
2014-03-17Search for doubly charmed baryons and study of charmed strange baryons at BelleY.Kato김정현조기현160
2010-01-04Search for Lepton Flavor and Lepton Number Violating tau Decays into a Lepton and Two Charged Mesons김정현117
2015-05-27Search for the dark photon and the dark Higgs boson at Belle.I. Jaegle김정현조기현140
2014-02-24Search for the process e+e−→J/ψX(1835) at s√≈10.6  GeVX.H.He김정현조기현168
2015-10-22Semi-inclusive studies of semileptonic $B_s$ decays at Belle.M. Huschle김정현조기현134
2014-04-08Study of B0��0�0 decays, implications for the CKM angle ?2 and search for other B0 decay modes with a four-pion final stateP.Vanhoefer김정현조기현189
2011-03-17Study of the decays B -> Ds1(2536)(+) (D)over-bar(()*())김정현조기현126
2011-02-01Study of the K+ pi(+) pi(-) final state in B+ -> J/psi K+ pi(+) pi(-) and B+ -> psi ' K+ pi(+) pi(-)김정현조기현133
2016-02-18Study of π0π0 pair production in single-tag two-photon collisionsM. Masuda김정현조기현179
2010-08-03The advanced data searching system with AMGA at the Belle II experiment김정현조기현김법균안선일유진승윤희준장행진황순욱212
2011-10-14The Embedment of a Metadata System at Grid Farms at the Belle II안선일조기현김법균김정현유진승윤희준장행진허태상황순욱197
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